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"Dear Romeo, my lover

This is me An, who you know Anita or Alika. But actually I have a real name that is much better and reflects who I am. But don't worry about what my real name is. I am happy and happy for your two marriages. I'm sorry I can't come, let's just say I'm late. It's too late.

I realize that our relationship will not work, even though for the rest of my life I have been waiting for you compared to the girl who is beside you now! As you know, I am myself.

There is a reason that I don't understand myself even yourself. Why do you turn me on in this world if I will see your happiness in this world with another girl? Why do I have to wait for you if this is the end? Why do we have to bind each other's promises if this is the end of our love story? I thought you loved me and canceled the marriage. I had guessed the answer, and I don't think so. You love him more than me, so congratulations to take a new life.

Anyway, I forgot something. I give you special gifts where you will find a better new life and feel how painful it is to be me. I wait and hope you keep the promise, but this is the end.

The gift is a special gift, I hope you like it. I curse the descendants of you two will not live long in this world, and you will feel the pain as I feel. Become a beautiful human, right?

Will you run looking for me and beg me to revoke the curse? No, it's too late. I go forever. Welcome to a new life, man.

Your long-awaited lover, Alika ".

Yes, that's all I want to say ", Rasi sat back down and everyone was silent. Everyone starts to think that Alecia is the girl who snatched someone else's partner.

Spontaneous Alecia ran out looking for Alika with tears slowly falling. His steps were accompanied by Roman then Martha, Rasi and Jim Wa. Then followed by a group.

Alecia ran towards VA, Rasi's room. But he did not meet Alika there. Romeo tried to calm himself down.

"Alecia, Alecia stopped!" Romeo called out his hand.

Alecia stops with tears flowing, Romeo who sees Alecia sad she quickly hugs her tightly. Then knelt in front of the girl while witnessed by Martha, Rasi and Jim Wa.

"Whatever happens we will face together, we can prevent the curse together", "But how come? He's a magician, I shouldn't force my heart to choose you, Romeo. It shouldn't be! "

"Listen to me carefully, we will start again starting from zero together. We do not need to be sad, it is clear that we are happy, not so we can feel life as human beings. Rest assured, Alika will pull back the curse on us. We can definitely get through heavy things to be human, "Romeo said, standing back and hugging his wife. Alecia was calm and happy again even though in her heart there was a wound in the curse that Alika had

That's right what Martha said. But I think I will come back to this world. Uh, I mean he still exists in this world. Didn't he die? He just left right? "

"Yeah, right, Constellation, but I'm afraid he turned bad", "Hah, it's impossible. Where is the evil blue penyihi? No! ", Roman tried to make his tears not fall again, hearing the words of Rasi and Martha, he began to try to be strong and understand Alika's departure. " Is that true?", " Yes, he did not die. If he dies there must be a body, if he killed himself ... he is not the type of woman like that, "explained Rasi

"Yes, he is not a woman like that. Geez, why are we telling Roman? Hah, a bad plan, "continued Martha acting up

"Are you careless again huh? Alika left because her heart was injured but maybe she was happy now because her heart pain began to run in the heart of another woman. I feel the bleak human life in this world ", "Hah, why don't you meet Erega? Aren't you guys now? '

"That's right, I go first huh, " Rasi walked away first. Then followed by others leaving the park's lake. The wind blew caressing leaves without leaving a trace to go forever.


The days passed with hope and a new record of life. Roman chose to reduce his company to other people who were trusted. Have a new and careful life without Alika. But he will still remember the girl until his days are spent waiting at the park lake every afternoon before. Rasi married Erega as they promised. They all live and wait for a new day tomorrow. Although Roman and Akira are still vampires.

The wind brings flying flowers like new hope for all of us. The love story flows to their abandoned children not to deny their promises. Sad love story. I am the silent witness between their love, I am the wind that blows and the sky is waiting for new days for us.

Finish ...

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