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Hide your heart, hear the sound of the wind calling your name. Are you going to give up the man who loves you just because there is another woman who loves him, wahay the blue witch? No, I will not give up just like that and the promise remains a promise or I will curse you, my partner wahay !.

Immediately I hide but not among the flowers, hide as you please wahay blue witch! Disappear like roses flying. Go to see Alecia from a distance. Alecia is with Romeo, her happy face is the face of my hatred.

"Hear my hypocritical twins! Marry him then I will curse you like you took him from me. I will never let it go until whenever is that not your promise for me ?, "the mute that disappeared was accompanied by the spread of other flowers.

Back at Roman who was busy looking for me, I looked at him from afar then as soon as he saw me. I immediately ran as hard as I could, but he was a vampire who ran fast. He preceded me. Stop my steps, catch me. I just smiled sweetly in his arms. Terta wa with him in a happy expression. Seeing his face getting closer to me, there was a blush of red on this cheek. A red lip again approaches this lips, kissing it will be full of desire. There is nothing strange here in the souls of lonely people.


A few days after the incident, I began to pretend to be happy in front of Roman. I also knew that Martha and Rasi wanted to bring me back to Romeo but I tried to refuse his presence. Do I hate Romeo and love Roman? No, the strong are in power as in the real magic country. Is not it?.

I tried to convince Alecia and Romeo to get married as soon as possible in front of everyone here at dinner.

"Why don't you marry if you love each other? Is it because of me? No, don't worry. I'm fine and my heart says there are other people who love me more, "I said.

"But I don't want to lose you, Alika", "Yes, actually I want you to get away from this earth as soon as possible, " whispered in Alecia's heart.

"Marry, I will not disturb your relationship. I decided it would be better not according to the agreement that reincarnation may choose their own destiny? ", Convincing isn't it? S sa nice girl in front of them all ?.

All agree and will speed up the marriage. Martha and Rasi only followed and supported his queen's words. They believ


"They said I was a blue witch, named Putri Anita, and with another side named Alika. They only know as An or Anita but they don't. My name is not that. But maybe you know me with a slave girl! "

"Is that really you?"

"Yes, thank you for freeing me at that time. I'm sorry I can't help you. As a result, you are not admitted, but you are still Prince Ethan in my eyes! "

Ethan began to get away from me, then walked towards the window looking out.

"I frightened you since then, I thought you would be killed because my father would really hunt you down. Since that incident, another person replaced me who should be my right to be a king ", "I never thought that man was my king, do you know what I did after I heard you were taken down from your throne?"

"What?", "Ever heard of an infectious disease and hunger in your country? And, you are looking for the cause, you are trying to get them back together as before. Do you remember a winged woman, Hybird came to you and gave the medicine? "

"Yes, I remember all that, "

"I did it, until the man who took your throne died because of the plague. Nobody knows who did it? But why don't you get your throne in that case again? "

"Since father left, my stepmother who replaced her son became king. The queen turned out to have knowledge of magic to trap me into this son of the devil, "

"Are you replying?"

"I can't reply, but he died in the hands of a woman I heard, "

"Yes like that, I reward you with what you did to me, Ethan, " I smiled.

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