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* Alecia

I woke up and looked around me who was no longer in the room. I saw Ethan sitting in a chair and smiling sweetly. Walking closer to him but could not, I felt a power had locked me here.

"Ethan, let me go? " I said, "I'm sorry, Alecia. I can not", "I'm sure you can try it! ", "It won't work, who do you think has locked you there? ", "You! ", "Right, then why should I let you go? ", "Ethan, why did you do this to me? You are my best friend ", "Friend? What is the true meaning for you about friends? What's always there? Don't trust anyone in VA, Alecia. Because all of them are the masters of darkness and thirst for human blood especially like you half-vampire man. We are also thirsty for power, so give me your strength so that I can easily dominate and lead this country. Become the master of the night that is feared by anyone "

"Do you think I'll give it to you?"

"Of course not, but I'll make it easy so you give me that power, blue witch! ", "What would you do? I am not Alika, the girl in the prophecy is Alika while I am only a human who spread lies because I love Romeo too much, "

"Apparently you're good at lying too huh? ", "Yes, right", "What about the crescent moon in your hand? ", "This is just a lie, this sign should have Alika not for me but because we are twins maybe she wants to share this sign with me", "Sharing? What if I also share a little with you, "Suddenly Ethan attacked me with the strength he had. I made him kneel and couldn't move. I could have resisted and freed myself, but it was impossible because there would have been many vampires attacking me in this place. Just keep on weakening but persevere.

Suddenly Ethan's loyal forces came to inform him that the blue witch was Alika not Alecia.

"How can you make this mistake?" Ethan began attacking the person and banging him against the wall. The person rose again with a weak body.

"I'm sorry, my lord. But we have arrested Alecia, maybe with this Alika will come to help her. That's our chance, "

"Hem, good plan. Tell Rey to give them this news to come to save this girl when midnight starts, if not her life is the main bet, "

"Good my lord will do! "

Rey got another assignment but this time he also invited vampire hunters, Rey wanted to get the best out of this grand plan prize was to grab the power of the blue witch from Ethan's hands.


A letter was in the window of Alika's room, Alika read the letter and was shocked as soon as she went to VA to meet Martha. In his journey

ks ", "Of course, I'll give you that last request."

Suddenly Ethan gets word that they have come, Ethan's troops have occupied them above. Ethan left to meet them. Ethan's arrival had stopped the fight and Ethan's troops stood beside him.

"Welcome to my castle, I'm glad you can all come here! " Cried Ethan.

"Where is Alecia, Ethan? " Asked Martha.

"Don't worry, he's fine and very good. Rey, bring the girl here. We will make an exchange! ", Rey went to command Ethan.

Before Rey arrived at the Alecia detention center, Roman came and beat the guards to faint. I, who saw Roman's arrival, just kept quiet and smiled.

"I hate if you pretend and put you in danger. How do I get you out of here? "Roman said.

"What do you mean? I do not understand", While looking for ways and trying to destroy the strength that made Alecia locked up with energy. Roman was shocked and thrown to the ground and rose again, then tried again. Again, he did so many times. Get excited and stop, saying "You, you are Alika, aren't you? Alecia is outside. Why are you doing this? Stay away from Romeo and me? ", " No, that's not my goal. Okay, get away from here a little! ", I destroyed the barrier with blue magic so freely I immediately walked over to him, " I don't believe in opportunities but you know I'm here. Your Kupikri is the best, so don't make Romeo know. He will be angry if he knows, and I don't want to hurt Alecia. I don't want to take Romeo from him, "

Roman who hears a sweet smile then holds my hand tight. Slowly we heard the sound of feet moving closer. Finally I forced myself to turn into a flying blue rose and Roman became a bat. Fly past Rey and exit.

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