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   Chapter 23 Kill reincarnated witches

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Chapter 23


"Just throw it away! It's okay if you don't like it, I'll buy it again what you like. You just say which one, "

"Don't understand it too, bro, " I thought to myself, "Hah, the conglomerate boy who is being gossiped. You live in the Orchid apartment. It's annoying to keep looking at me from there, "

"Do you know huh? But are you glad I keep watching you? "

I just smiled sweetly to hear his words, yes his words were almost right I'm glad someone put a little attention to me. "Take the item again!"

"Did you change the topic of our conversation? I'm not going to take the items, it's up to you what to do with the items, save or dispose of them! ", "I didn't change our topic, Roman! I can't come, "

"I will pick you up ready or not" Roman hung up the phone which increasingly irritated me.

"Huh, that's how it was like being stubborn. Indeed! Hem, the show will be tonight, right? I might be able to look for busyness now. Don't pick up the phone from him or even meet him. Stay away, "I said. I might immediately tidy up the room, put the items in the closet and go outside. But outside of my room I met a vampire hunter instead. Miguel and Zimma seemed to notice me stepping down the stairs.

"Miguel, do you think he's fine after that? ", "I don't know, in my opinion he was in the wrong place and time at that time, "

"Yes, but Yoong was very angry with him, even though he also tried to protect us, "

"Em, let's hope he won't be in the wrong place or time anymore"


Meanwhile in VA, Alecia suspects that Romeo has changed his character knowing who he really is and choosing Alika. Alecia does not remain silent, she raises evil vampires who have been damned for the rest of her life. Once successful, he sent the vampires to hunt down Alika.

Meanwhile in the secret place Ethan and his troops and Rey are talking about something.

"He will no longer be deceived, but I want all of you to kill the vampire hunter so that there are no more barriers. I want you to recruit new vampires, "said Ethan.

"Sir, I heard a prophecy happened. There was a woman who was resurrected, the difference between the woman was the blue witch. "If the master gets the strength he has, then nothing can hinder you

le to the cliff at high speed.

Once arrived on the cliff, Roman sees Alecia helpless. His body is weak. As soon as possible Roman brings Alecia to VA. The arrival of the two of them has made Romeo mistaken. Roman and Romeo had a fight but Alecia explained what had happened to him.

"This is not Roman's fault, Romeo. Ethan who has done all this to me, he took the strength I have. I'm sorry to have separated you from Alika, Romeo.She the real girl you're looking for! Ethan will come look for him and take the same strength as me because Ethan thinks I'm the blue magic girl. "

"Alecia, please don't go! I need you here, I forgive you. Whoever you are is still needed here, "

But all that was too late, Alecia had gone diving. He could not resist the pain that pierced him slowly. Romeo also holds a grudge against Ethan because Ethan killed Alecia even though he did not love Alecia does not mean having to kill this girl.


A few hours waiting for news from Roman, finally contacted me too.

"Alika, I'm really sorry. I can't help him, forgive me! ", "What happened to Roman, what happened? ", "Alecia was killed by Ethan, he took his strength. Alecia says Ethan will also do the same to you, you should be careful now, "

"Yes, I want to see Alecia now. I 'll be there ", "I will wait for your arrival, I hope during your journey to come away from anyone because maybe it's Ethan's troops", "Yes, see you there Roman", hung up and immediately looked for a taxi to take me to Buniv.

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