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Chapter 22

I woke up and looked at the clock beside me, showing 12 o'clock at night. It was midnight, and I saw a window open with blinds that were blown out by outer angina. This room feels cold now, and makes me have to climb up from the bed to close the window. As I recall, I had closed the window before going to bed. With a lazy body, I walk. I saw a beautiful night view, and the darkness of the Orchid apartment. I close and lock the window. Turning I was shocked Romeo's presence in my room. I don't know where he came from this room. Quickly he was immediately in front of me, hugged me tightly and said "Why did you leave me? I want you to live again to have my life not go away. " Romeo let go of his arms and took a step back.

"What do you mean, Romeo? Why are you in my room, "

Romeo smiles sweetly, "I know you pretended not to know, but I made you return to this world to accompany me. I have come to keep my promise to you, "

"What do you mean? I do not understand", "Again, you lie to me. I have heard everything so don't lie again ", "I really don't know what you mean, Romeo! ", "Hah, well because I love you so much I will explain everything. I have heard Martha's conversation with Rasi about who you really are. You are the woman I've been looking for ", With a surprised face I said "Hah, no way! Isn't Alecia the woman you're looking for not me! ", Romeo approached quickly, and held my hands together. Pay attention to my two hands. "Maybe you really don't have a sign like you were before but Rasi never misjudged his predictions", "Romeo, I'm just a human being and not the person you've been looking for", Romeo let go of my hand, then opened the outer window looking at Orchid's apartment, "How does someone follow you and see you from here. A man who let you get killed alone. The man is on the 3rd floor of the Orchid apartment and can see you from here. He was sent to follow yourself by Martha and Rasi. They want to keep me away from you, "

"Who do you mean? ", "Hah, are you pretending not to know? I know I've been wrong for you, but I've come to keep my promise to you. I do not love anyone other than you, until whenever! Roman, the man who was betrothed to you is there and observes you from here, "

"Is that true? ", "Yes, I'm not

el .... " Putting the flowers back on the bed. Then looking at other items, there are gifts with attractive decorations. I opened and inside were blue shoes. Yes blue glass shoes, and there is a short message in it. "If you don't mind being able to contact me at 0812 ...... Roman!", "Huh, he is again", re-opened the other items and the results remained the same from all Roman. Everything makes me more dizzy and decides to eat breakfast first and then contact the man. "He not deterrent too funny, huh! Steadfast, tough ... "

Starting breakfast alone but the mind instead turned to Roman, "When did he come here? After a long time he became terror too. Huh, what does the kid want? " After finishing breakfast I cleared the room then sat on the bed while calling Roman.

Roman gets a call from an unknown person immediately to pick up the phone.

"Roman, when did you go to my apartment? Without any more permission, the things that come with my room ", "When you leave, do you like the item? You will come have dinner with me? "

"Wow, yeah! No, I called you because I would n't come there know! Take the items again or I throw them into the trash, "

"Just throw it away! It's okay if you don't like it, I'll buy it again what you like. You just say which one, "

"Don't understand it too, bro, " I thought to myself, "Hah, the conglomerate boy who is being gossiped. You live in the Orchid apartment. It's annoying to keep looking at me from there, "

"You know? But are you glad I keep watching you? "

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