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   Chapter 21 Girl in the true prophecy

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Chapter 21

Walk back to Tanima's apartment, while in front of the apartment. I saw 3 women who entered the apartment with lots of groceries. One of them is Tanima's daughter, Tamara. The child seems to be partying and spree. When I was about to step in after the 3 women someone with his familiar voice called my name. When I looked back it turned out that Netta was coming with Steven.

"Hay, Al. How are you? "He said, hugging me tightly and then took it off.

"Okay, why are you here?"

"We are looking for someone here, you live here?"

"Yes, number 25 2nd floor", "I see, let's go for a walk?"

"Hah, I can't. I just met Roman, and now my situation is chaotic. I want to take a rest", "Oh, I see! You must be sick?", "Not", "Oh, did Roman ask that again? Why don't you accept it? "

Looking at Steven, Netta understood "Okay, we'll talk about it, "

"You don't go to college?"

"We left there, you know we stayed there in a few years in conflict so we left. We have got what we want so we will no longer be bound by Jim Wa and Alecia ", "Yes, how is my mother?"

"Fine, it's just that he always thinks of you. But just calm down, my mom is healthy. He is always with Rasi now, "

"Will Alecia and Romeo get married?"

"I don't know, why do you ask that?"

"I just asked and was afraid not to attend the conference later", "Okay, here's my telephone number. Later, contact me if you are fine. I want to take you for a walk and gather with friends, "said Netta while giving her telephone number.

"Yes, I'll call later! OK, I have to go in, "

"Yes, please", enter the apartment and head to the room.

"Steven, do you think Al knew that Roman was opposite?"

"No, he won't know the look on his face like that", "But will he be okay after he knows?"

"I don't know, just met Roman, he's like that, let alone know! But to me it's strange ... ", Steven entered the car as well as Netta. Their pickup car has arrived. They went to meet Roman in the office.

"It's strange if Al rejects the perfect Roman, "

"Well for me it's normal that Al might be a bit traumatized by the word love, "

"Hah, did he ever date? I do not think so", "Yes, yes ... I asked Roman to approach him slo

an observe the magnificent, high Orchid apartment. I heard that the apartment was upscale and not like this place, boarding house. The wind was so cold that it made me fall asleep again.

Meanwhile, Roman, Netta and Steven are gathering at Roman's house. Right at the café bar.

"Is Netta calling Alika?"

"No, I hope he now contacts me", "Hah, where is he now huh?"

"Why don't you go to the apartment, see him from there. Maybe he is sleeping "

"Yes alright. You don't forget to clean the bar huh, "

"Yes, good luck"

Roman left in his private car, his unconscious departure followed by Romeo. Upon learning of Roman's room, Romeo booked a room next to Roman's room. Roman opens the window and sees Alika sleeping.

At the same time Romeo also looked at the window and saw Alika sleeping. Now Romeo knows why Roman lives in this apartment. Romeo is happy that he can meet Alika again.

* Alika

I woke up and said my face with both hands. The outside wind gets colder making my body almost catch cold. As soon as I looked ahead, I saw in the third place two men I knew. I don't know if they see me or not. Keep looking ahead then close the windows and curtains. Then go to bed, lay down and close your eyes. I really hope my vision is wrong. That's not them! I'm afraid that if they know the real thing there will be another war. It's scary, especially they are not humans, they are vampires who are thirsty for blood and humans are their target so far.

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