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   Chapter 20 Romantic in Roman

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Chapter 20

Attacked four vampires, but I was thrown away because I hit one of the vampires. Blood came out of my mouth, but I couldn't stop myself from replying to their two friends. Standing up and returning to attack, but for some reason on a narrow occasion they ran away. They left and I quickly approached my two best friends.

Yoong approached and checked their situation, "This is all your fault, why did you arrive at their arrest?"

"Why do you blame me?"

"Indeed this is your fault, I told you to stay away, right ?, " he looked sharply.

"You selfish man!"

"Already, don't fight. How are Zimma and Miguel, Yoong ?, "Lee asked.

"Not good, I'm afraid to say this. They lost consciousness, "Yoong answered.

I hold Zimma and Miguel's hands, then drain the brewing on them. That was never realized by others. After that I stood up and went away from them without a word. Get away from there, go home to the apartment.

Not long after Alika's departure, and Yoong, Lee, and Kim wanted to take Miguel and Zimma to the hospital. Suddenly they realized and could stand up.

"What happened? Are you all right? Where are the vampires annoying? "Asked Zimma.

"Huh, yeah. I felt a little strange before, "Miguel continued.

Yoong, Lee and Kim put a sense of emotion, then they hugged two best friends.

"Why are you?" Zimma asked, "Yes, I'm surprised, " Miguel continued.

"We think we will lose you two after this incident, " Lee said.

"What happened to us?" Miguel asked.

"I think your body has some broken and unconscious, coma", "No way, we're fine", Miguel and Zimma showed themselves fine by jumping up and down. Seeing this they believe that his two best friends are fine but this is a miracle.


Tanima's apartment, again looking at the outside window right towards the Orchid apartment. I looked back at the man yesterday and I tried not to be surprised, but when I looked at the 3rd floor just above the man's room. I saw a man who was familiar to me and shocked me. I really don't believe he was there or I just thought of him? Immediately I stepped away from the window and decided to go to sleep. "Maybe I'm tired or thinking about him? Or ... hahah ... just sleep, "I decided.


Roman has been at Aperteman Orchid numb

t the man was actually following my departure.

" Alika, give me a chance to fill your heart. Just once! "He begged. Roman blocked my way, then knelt in front of me until everyone turned his gaze to the two of us.

"Okay, I give it one last time, " I replied.

The man stood up again and hugged me tightly. Everyone who saw clapping. I hated the crowd, finally left there and pulled Roman's hand to run. I stopped running in a park that was quite quiet and then looked for an empty chair to sit. After finding it, I sat down as well as Roman. He sat beside me. Right now my feelings are really chaotic after saying to give him a chance to fill my empty heart.

"Do you really give me that opportunity, Al?"

"No, I'm not really", just leave him. While Roman just watched the girl's departure. Along the way I just lowered my head. But somehow my tears can't be dammed again.

"I ... I can't. I'm just an ordinary girl, anyway I don't deserve anyone in this world. Why is Roman begging me? I never even broke it even I never loved Romeo. Strange! He knows the truth? Is it true? I never told anyone, "I thought to myself.


Roman sat on a park bench alone, then he was approached by several well-dressed men who took him away from there. Roman felt what Alika felt now. A luxury black car has been waiting not far from there, Roman entered the car and a man closed it from the outside. The car runs slowly.

"We're going to the office, I'll answer the press question there", "Good Mr. Roman!"


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