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   Chapter 19 Fight Royal Blood

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Chapter 19

Walk in the garden together then sit in the chair, "Is this your house, Ethan?"

"No, this was once just an ordinary place to gather. Time passes, and I don't come here too often like this, "he replied.

"Em, is that so! Are they all your friends? When did you get out of VA? "

"Hah, you didn't listen or repeat the question? Yes of course they are my friends, actually they are people who are faithful to serve me ", "Serve you?"

"Yes, you could say that, do you want to see my little labyrinth? I've been there before, and like the labyrinth of Dracula castle in the middle of which has a flower garden, "

"Yes of course, but you walk in front of me! I don't want to get lost, "

Ethan chuckled, "Are you afraid to get lost?"

"No, I'm just afraid I can't come back again", "Oh, I see!", "Emmm ... God, how do you know Rey? ", " Rey huh? He is just an ordinary person and just think so, "

Continue walking until you enter the labyrinth, a few minutes enter the labyrinth. Ethan saw Rey who wanted to talk to him without knowing Alika. Ethan pretended there was something he forgot to take, "Alika, excuse me first! I forgot to take something and I think it's left there. You just walk into the labyrinth first, then I'll go back and look for you, "

"What if I get lost and don't come back?"

"It's easy, I memorized this road. So don't worry, we'll meet in the middle of the labyrinth! Is it easy to go to the middle of the road? If it comes out with me later, "

"Okay, dech, if that's the case, I will follow you first!"

"Okay!", I walked into the labyrinth, looking for a path leading to the center of the labyrinth decorated with lots of flowers. While Ethan goes out the maze. Ethan met Rey in the old house.

"What's wrong, Rey?"

"I've said what you asked for, so what's the next plan?"

"Make sure they come to this place. We will surprise them, "


* Alika

Walking turned then straight, I got lost again. I was deadlocked for the second time, then I went back to the road all the way and walked straight. This time I even found a three-pronged road, and I was confused again. Take the right path, turn left and get lost again. I was exhausted because I continued to get lost and finally

pointed it forward. But I don't know who will fight, Ethan or Miguel with his friends? But good to me earlier, he protected me. I became even more confused. Kim was thrown back and his sword fell, Ethan used his strength to lift Kim and Lee's body together, while Miguel and Zimma were helpless against four vampires. Ethan wanted to throw Kim and Lee to the wall but I said while pointing the sword at him, "Ethan, bring them down! Don't hurt them, Ethan! "

"Hah, Alika. Come on let me finish this, "

"Lower them, Ethan. Or I will kill you ", "Hah, ..." Ethan lowered Kim and Lee's bodies, then Ethan stared intently with his red eyes at me, "You really interfere with my business!". Ethan pointed his strength at me until I floated in the air, the sword I held tightly fell.

"Let me go, Ethan!" I yelled, but Ethan didn't let me go, "This is only the beginning, Alika. I could have hurt you since before, I just want you to be my prisoner to kill them, "he said. Now only then do I know why Ethan all day left me in the labyrinth and got stuck there. I really understand and know who Ethan is now.

But on that occasion Kim and Lee fought Ethan and managed to make me free. Yoong came and helped his friends. Yoong fight Ethan while Kim and Lee fight four vampires. I grabbed the wall of Miguel and Zimma's helpless body. I took Zimma's sword that fell, and I helped Kim and Lee against four vampires.

"No one can hurt my friend, no!" I said, attacking four vampires with all my might.

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