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   Chapter 18 Hate and temptation of vampires

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Chapter 18

Annoyed at the words of Yoong who blamed me for being in that place, I didn't even know what the problem was until Yoong said rude to me. I returned to the apartment with frustration.


My frustration stopped when I saw the scenery outside the window, the night view here was very beautiful. I can see the adjoining table with an attractive lamp. Approached the window and looked at Orcid's apartment. Keep looking at the apartment, right in the direction of a room in the middle of the building. Suddenly I saw a man who was also standing there, Orcid's apartment. He was like watching me at this distance, and like looking at him closely. I was shocked and away from the window, "What is that? Did he really see me? His eyes, his face ... he ...... But it's impossible! Ah, now my mind and vision are chaotic. I'd better just go to sleep, it's too late at night! "I decided to sleep.


Meanwhile in Orcid's apartment just opposite Tanima's apartment, room 25 of the second floor is the same as Alika's room, a man has looked far into Tanima's apartment. He saw a woman who was shocked and away from the window.

"I hate that woman who expresses surprise as if she saw me here. Hah, annoying! ", A man entered the room and said "Yukatzu, how many times have I said so you don't keep looking at that window. What if someone sees you here, "

"Indeed why, what's the problem if I look at the window? You're just like the girl in Tanima's apartment, annoying! ", "Hah, pay attention to a woman again. Listen carefully, we are here to hide from five vampires and look for Rey, "

"Why don't we kill Rey right away? ", "Yukatzu, he is our friend and he is just out of control, "

'Wen, don't say that Rey is out of control. Don't you realize Rey has changed, he tried to kill the Yobi ", "I know, but Yobi is fine right now? ", "I did not accept the incident, so why look for that child", "Hah, you're the chairman here so it's up to you. I can only obey but remember Rey accidentally happened ", then Wen left the room and left. While Yukatzu continued to look at the window of the room.


Morning at 0700 I woke up and immediately went to

the VA, Buniv? ", "I am out", "Exit? ", "Yes, as you see now. No matter what. I want to talk to Rey first. Please look around this building! ", "Yes", Ethan walked and talked to Rey far away from me so I didn't hear what they were talking about.

"Why did you bring the girl? She's my friend, which girl do you say is close to that vampire hunter? ", "The girl is her, she is close to vampire hunters. I saw him talking to Yoong. That same night I used it to avoid Yoong. In fact with me holding him hostage, I managed to avoid Yoong and his friends, "

"Hah, we see what this plan works. I will keep him here, and you tell them that his beloved girl is in danger, "

"Okay, I'll do it, "

"But if they don't come to save the girl, then you will be the victim of replacing the girl", "I understand! "

Rey goes to carry out the order, while Ethan returns to meet Alika who is watching this old house. Ethan tried to get Alika's attention, Ethan occasionally took him around and told him about this old house. Ethan hope to give a little flurry at Alika hunters will come to rescue this girl. That way, Ethan can kill all of them quickly in revenge.

Rey had sent a message to vampire hunters that their girl friends were in danger, saving their girl friends in the old house. After that Rey left, returning to the old house preparing their second plan with the others. Vampire hunters are confused about how because Alika is nobody to them.

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