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   Chapter 17 Vampire trap

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Chapter 17

* Café

The man I just met noticed me for a moment, then said "Alright, I'll go back to my desk. Nice to know you, A ", "Yes, I'm happy to know you too, Rey! ", Then I continued to eat, after being full myself, I stayed for a while enjoying the beautiful night scenery at this café. When I felt like sitting down for a long time, I decided to leave this café. The walk to the cashier and pay for the order and then go from there.

When cool down alone, suddenly the man who introduced himself at the café came and walked with me.

"Hey, I could be with you right road. I saw you leaving the café so I immediately caught up to you, "

"OK, it seems you are in a hurry to catch up with me huh? Where was your friend? Did you leave him at the café? ", "Yes, he is there. He is waiting for someone. Where do you live? ", "Apartment T, let's just say that. Earlier you said about the Wolf in the café, is that real? I recently heard about vampires and now I want to hear Wolf. Can you tell me that? ", "Yes, I 'll tell you, but it's not good if there are many people here who will hear it. I'm afraid they will be afraid to hear my story, "

"Yes, where will you tell me that? ", "Come along with me!"

Then I followed the man's steps, he took me to a place. Enter the kitchen, where cooking restaurant chefs then enter the room and walk into a discotheque. There are many people who are partying there. I saw that there were many blood red drinks served and half-cooked meat. We sat on empty benches.

A waiter came and offered a menu, I didn't order anything and Rey ordered something he usually ordered. After that the waiter left.

"This is a place I often visit, if you want to find me. I must be here. I guess you live in apartment T which means Tanima huh? ", "Em, right", "On average those who live there are Unima students, are you an Unima student? ", "Yes, I'm a student there", "Em, know Yoong? ", "Yes, he is my best friend. Do you know him too? ", "Yes, who doesn't know him. He and his friend are vampire hunters and sometimes they are rude to me, "

"Em, is there a vampire? ", "Want to see something interesting about vampire? ", "May! ", "Wait here for a while, just look from here. Then ther

ts in Unima to hunt down the creature to disappear on this earth.

The journey to the train route was empty, before arriving there we split up. We hope that we will find a vampire that is disturbing local residents. We heard citizen complaints that there were five vampires there often looking for prey.

Our arrival at that place was greeted with silence, this was what made us have to be vigilant because the vampire attacked quickly. I took out a sword made of pure silver and pointed it forward. We also communicate remotely with each other.

"It looks safe here, I will continue to enter! ", "You'd better be careful, I'm afraid this is the plan of darkness from the vampire" replied Kim, "Yes, it seems like I see something! They ran towards the front gate leading to ... they scattered! " Said Lee, "Okay, I will go there!" Replied Yoong, At the same time we met and were surrounded by vampires. Then they attacked us, and we fought them one by one. Yoong against this vampire leader, Yoong was thrown many times. We also united, and helped the injured Yoong. The five vampires were united and their chairman said "This is just the beginning of us for those of you who like to search massively and block our steps". Then the five vampires turned into bats and flew.

"Are you alright Yoong?"

"Yes, thank you for helping", "I think he is the chairman and I think I've seen it but where's it?"

"History book!"

"Yes, history books. Prince is not recognized, Ethan. "

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