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   Chapter 16 Predetermined destiny

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Chapter 16

"But where will I find Alika?" Asked Roman, "He lives in Tanima Apartment, it is a boarding house not far from Unima. He is at number 25 2nd floor, "said Martha, "Okay, I'll leave. But did you promise not to tell Romeo this? ", "Yes of course not, you know after An died in his own hands things changed. He managed to take his kingdom back and lead ruthlessly. I saved yourself for one thing. An or Princess Anita is a good girl and has saved me. I am indebted to him until he hears that he was killed in the hands of his own lover. A lover who forgets himself and promises. Does Romeo now remember that promise? ", "I don't think so, he even only thought of the ordinary vampire girl Alecia, " continued Rasi, "Alecia, vampire girl? ", "Yes Roman, we said that because I wasn't sure he was An. If he is An, chances are An will take action to leave the lover who killed him. I know the girl, Roman. Before you come to his life. He is my best friend. I remember who he was clearly "explained Rasi, "I don't know what you feel is currently Roman, but you know! I'm not a good mother for him. I match you with him because he is happy in this world, "

"Yes, when he was left by Romeo. He was very sad and kept waiting, then you came. He tried to be happy in front of you, to be a good wife. But you never showed your love for him right because you remember the other girl that Romeo grabbed? Now it's time for you to improve things, for him to be happy then he will forget Romeo and choose you completely before Romeo realizes this, "

"Yes you are right, I never showed my love for him when we married even I treated him badly to get killed", "Yes, you don't need to regret it now. Now is the time to correct the past. This is a good opportunity after the sacrifice, Roman "

"Yes, right Martha. I will catch up with him, this will definitely be fun to make him remember back to me, "then Roman left the place. While Martha and Rasi just smiled sweetly.

"Martha, is this how your daughter will feel happy? He doesn't seem ready? ", "Yes, I knew he wasn't ready because he was still a teenager and a few months here he moved to campus again. But at least by telling Roman the real thing at least makes Romeo far from Alika. Keeping the two of them quickly better before Romeo finds out ",

ot long after a waiter came offering to go. I chose fried rice, lemon tea, dragon fruit juice, pie pie and apple chocolate stoberry pudding.

After that the waiter left and I waited for the order to come. There are some people who are also waiting for orders to come and just come to this café. At first there was nothing strange in this café but I saw something strange especially in the food served. I do n't know because the chicken was negligent or because of the person's order, it was seen he ordered food that was still half cooked. Yes, half-cooked with still fresh blood there, and red drinks like blood. When I saw the person who ordered it was a man, he turned to look at me and I just lowered my head. I assume I didn't see that before.

I never thought if the man came near, he sat right in front of me. I was very nervous and afraid he was angry at me because I had been watching him since.

"Hay, it seems that you have noticed me with my friend since then. What is it? Do you want to meet us? "

"No, I don't pay attention to you with your friend", "Is it true? My name is Rey, whose name are you? ", "My first name is A ... ", The waiter comes to order on the table, "Are you alone here? ", "Yes, alone, what is it if alone? ", "Em, you don't seem to know very well here. You know not if there are some places that Wolf and other creatures often visit, "

"No, is there a wolf? ", The man just smiled sweetly to save something, I began to eat the food I ordered while offering the food to him but he refused.

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