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   Chapter 15 Vampire Hunter

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Pretend in front of everyone, even if it's in front of those who love you. Maybe that's what I'm doing now, pretending that I'm just a human from a descendant of a woman who died giving birth to her child. Killed due to childbirth and bitten by a vampire. Pretend it's ... that I don't know anyone of them all but only VA, adoptive parents and friends and lying girls who become me.

After a short walk, I returned to that place again to meet Miguel, and Zimma. When I returned, the room was no longer filled with students here. There are only Miguel, Zimma and his friends. Miguel approached me while saying "Come along with me, I'll introduce you to my friend".

Following his steps from behind, walking slowly. My steps stopped right in front of his friends who were chatting up.

"Kim, Yoong, Lee, introduce this to Alika. He is a new student at Unima. Zimma and I just met him a few minutes ago while at Tanima Apartment, "

Smile and greet from the three men together, "Wow, there will be a new friend there! Where are you from? "Asked Kim, "I'm from Buniv and moved here. I have to register online and impromptu to move here without a plan ", "Wow, you're great. But is your step right? You don't regret leaving Buniv right? "Said Yoong, "No, of course not. I don't have anyone there besides friends, and there is also full of arrogant and lying people who are rich, "

Yoong smiled sweetly, "But being rich is good isn't it? Whatever we ask can we get? "

"No, I don't feel good. But I like to study here now. I hear you like hunting vampire huh? Is that real? "

" Yes of course" Zimma answered, "I hear in stories and movies, vampire is great means you also have to be great in martial arts huh?"

They all began to smile sweetly, "Yes of course, " said Lee, "Are you paid for that?"

"Em, yes there is. There are also people who contribute funds to this, most of them are police with their gratitude ", "Have you contacted your parents that you got a decent place?" Miguel asked, "Alright", "Anyway, want to take a walk around the campus?" Invited Yoong, "You can, of course this will be fun", Finally, Yoong and I went around the campus together. Yoong explained a lot about the campus here. Apparently Yoong is a good man and is known to everyone here. Yoong is a student at Unima but he has other activ

in the room, showed herself, "I have read something that is difficult to understand between you. You, Alika and Romeo. Only the three of you are hard for me to understand. If your heart says that he is your wife in the past, just listen and meet him. For him to remember his past, go first before Romeo knows this. We keep this a secret from him, "

"Yeah right, we won't let Romeo hurt Alika again. You know that girl is just an ordinary girl. But for us not, there is something special about him. I just don't want him to get hurt again, I'm tired of hearing Roman. He is still my daughter, and Alecia is not my daughter! "

"Okay, I'll go see him. But what if it's not him? "

"That's impossible, how can I wrongly predict this for you?" Replied Rasi, "But he doesn't have the crescent moon?"

"That's because it didn't appear when it was Roman, but when the boy left. I can suddenly predict something that the destruction is still here not because of him, there are other people who have evil intentions here. The evil power of the uterus develops every day. So now the prophecy is running, I don't want any destruction! "

"The mark is not Roman-born, but when he was 18 to 20 years old. The sign then appears. He is just an ordinary girl who has the privilege of not having a birthmark, "said Martha, "Yes, I understand now!" While wearing a Martha gift ring.

"When you wear the ring, you will be connected with Alika. Only you can hear it now, Alika won't know this. I've been wearing this ring for a long time now it's your turn. "

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