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   Chapter 14 Does the vampire really exist

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A few hours on the trip while looking around, and this car stopped when it arrived at Malvado University. I got out of the taxi as well as the driver, he helped pull out my suitcase from the trunk of the car. After that he said, "Miss, where do you want to go to college and where will you live?"

"Yes, I will go to college here, I will copy. Do you know where the best boarding houses are here? "

"I have heard and taken several students who study here. They. Here is the brochure, there are many children there. The owner is Mrs. Tanima, she has a child named Tamara. He was the only child of Tanima's mother and studied at Malvado University, "said the driver while giving a brochure, I read the brochure briefly and said "Thank you very much for the information. I'll be there later. "

"Okay, have a nice day, " then the driver got into his taxi and left. After the taxi driver's departure, I immediately checked the suitcase to the boarding address listed in this brochure. Yes the boarding house is not far from here and hope there is still an empty room for me.

A few minutes walk I finally arrived at the boarding house, a simple 3-story building. Entering the front room I was greeted by a middle-aged woman like she was Tanima as the taxi driver said.

"Excuse me, is there still an empty place here?"

"Yes, are you a newcomer here?"

"Yes, my name is Alika from Buniv", "Wow, isn't that a place for rich, luxurious people? Why did you choose a boarding house like this compared to living in Buniv? "

I smiled, "I'm going to study at Malvado University, "

"You moved here, huh? There is a room on the 2nd floor number 25. This is the key, before that, fill in yourself first here, "said Tanima while giving the room key and giving away a piece of paper with a pen.

"Yes, I moved, thank you for the room. This place looks lonely, where are the residents? "

"They are on Unima, afternoon or evening just come home", "Em, thank you, then" while giving money as a payment in the beginning of the month.

Tanima took the money and counted it and said "You have read the rules right?"

"Yes, you cannot bring friends to stay, there is one bed, study desk, closet and bathroom. It is not permissible to receive guests above 10 pm and may not lea

lace. Take a cellphone and start contacting the mother, once connected.

"Yes dear, what's wrong? Have you got a good boarding house? "

"Yes, I have got a good boarding house. I boarded at the second floor of Tanima Apartement number two five. The location is not far from Unima ", "That's good baby, I'll tell you this to Roman later, "

"Mama ... We don't tell Roman about this. Mama doesn't understand yet, I don't fully accept the challenge. I haven't answered it. I'll go again if Roman comes here, "I said, immediately hung up.

"Huh ... what the hell is this, man's intermittently. Did I answer and accept this? Why should I be matched while Alecia doesn't. That girl, did she incite all this too? Just be careful if I'm right, just look at the consequences! "

I think there is still plenty of time to go around alone in Unima. Walk to infect and get to know some good lecturers. Sometimes some of them praise my origin but not me. They praise Buniv and want to teach there. Some like to joke with me even rag. But to me it was an ordinary introduction.

` Here I hope my days will change for the better without dealing with Alecia, the liar girl. But I will still look forward to those promises and if they get married, I will never let that happen. But if it happens, I will curse all of his descendants. I will never let him be happy, never will. I want them to feel this pain too, just as in the past it was felt by a queen who was married to Roman just because it was decorated.

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