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   Chapter 13 Romeo's birthday

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Walking towards Buniv, far enough from the café I decided to take a taxi to Buniv. I asked the taxi driver to take me to Buniv and pay for it after arriving there. Arriving in Buniv as soon as possible I go to the hostel. I hope they don't bother me this time. Arriving at the room, I put the items I bought on the table. Approach the outer window and see the view. From here I can see the creepy Dracula castle and there is a good friend. There is one memory that I have not forgotten, yes, that is a promise. Promise, old promise.

When I was alone, suddenly someone knocked on the door from outside the room. I opened the door and saw a woman.

"Hay, your name is Al right? ", "Yes that's my name, what's wrong? ", "I want to ask if you're going to come to Romeo's birthday? ", "I don't know, I'm not sure and maybe yes, "

"Do you think Romeo likes gifts like what? ", "I don't know, but if you want to know. I will tell you", "What? ", "He will really like the moonlight, so why don't you buy something related to the shape of the moon. There are many, right? ", "Wow, that's right. Thank you very much for telling me, "

"But if you don't mind you can buy a blue moon, say to all your friends, yes, "

"Okay, thank you very much Al", then the woman left cheerfully. I just smiled sweetly, "I think it's time to tell you slowly that you chose someone wrong. But if you stick with it, maybe I should curse you before I pick myself up.


At 8:00 in the evening, in the VA building the event was held so lively. Everyone in the shrimp comes. They are very happy about this party. I wear a red dress, the dress that I wore to red is actually blue. I also did not forget to give and make make-up in my left hand so that no one would know about the crescent mark on this hand. I always choose behind people and sit in a corner while watching them all.

The show starts, Romeo and Roman speak before their invitation. Requests, blowing candles and cutting birthday cakes. Congratulations to both of them. I also saw that they both got a lot of gifts from fans or even from the closest people. After the event, Romeo said while holding Alecia's hand in front of everyone, "Good evening everyone, t

u can say that to mom ", "No, I can't answer whether I agree or refuse. This is not because of the incident that night, Mom. I don't need to worry about me, I'll be fine, "

"But if you miss, where will you meet you? ", "I will look for a place of my own, after finding it I will send a message to mother. I will study at Malvado University, "

"Malvado University? ", "Yes, I think there is a good campus filled with ordinary people", "Look for a good place to live, the best", "Yes ma'am", After that I said goodbye to my mother, then left. But when at the door, I disagreed with Roman. He came and said nothing, then approached mother. Walk to the school yard, and a taxi is waiting. The driver enters the suitcase into the trunk, when going into the car. Netta ran and called my name. My steps stopped, and I saw Netta running. He immediately hugged me tightly and took it off while saying " Where are you going?"

"I'll be at Malvado University, "

"Where will you stay? ", "I'll tell you later after getting a place to live", "I 'll wait, "

At that moment I saw Roman going here, as soon as I entered the car and left from there. The new Roman arrived saying "Netta, does he hate me?", "I don't know, I think you will be a fighting man to get his love", "Yes, maybe it is, or maybe there is something that is stored", "Hah, the name is also a girl, that's how it is when talking directly about the mah. Bawellll ... "Netta said and immediately left Roman.

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