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   Chapter 12 Gift

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Today is a holiday, great fun and also the birthday of two men. Roman and Romeo will hold a birthday party with friends at VA. Everyone prepares themselves as best as possible just to be present at the event. When finished dressing yourself, suddenly someone knocks on the door. Walking and opening the door, I saw that guest was Netta.

"Hay, Al. Are you busy today? "

"Nothing?", "I want to take you to the shop for a walk to buy gifts. Do you want to accompany me? "

"Yes, okay just for today. I think I also need to wash my eyes ", "You need to get ready?"

"Yes, just a moment!", Closed the door again and took the wallet, put the wallet into the bag. Then ready to go with Netta.

Going hand in hand with Netta, looking for a taxi with her. As soon as we got in, Netta asked the taxi driver to be delivered to a jewelery shop and said to me, "You are so beautiful that night, but why did you come with Erega? He is evil! "

"Evil Erega? She's good, now she's my friend. Thank you for the compliment, you are also beautiful! "

"Oh yeah, you haven't asked for predictions on Rasi? I have, and will you hear the prophecy about me. I really don't believe Rasi will say the best to me, "

"What? Tell me?", "He said, I will have a good lover. A good life, but there is a life that never gets out of trouble. He said in the near future I will have a girlfriend! "

"Is it true?", "Yeah right, I already have a real boyfriend!"

"Who? Definitely VA ", "Yes, correct. Guess who?", "I think you are suitable for a man, if not mistaken, Steven", "Yes, that's right, how come you can know?"

"Hah, didn't you tell me. Hah, but why did you say in the near future you have a boyfriend? Are you lying to me? "

"Hah, no. I really mean it, "

Not long after we arrived at the destination shop, Netta paid the taxi fare to the driver. I got out of the taxi, and walked over to Netta.

"I'll meet the owner, so please look around first, " said Netta. As soon as we entered the store, Netta and I separated. I walked around while Netta visited the shop owner.

* Netta

Walk to a cashier and say "Good morning, Arcella. I need your help now! "

"Hay, Netta. Long time no see, where have you been? "

"I'm in VA, how are you?"

"Fine, you look prettier now. I wish you

closed tightly.

"Roman, Romeo. Arcella wishes you both a happy birthday. He will come to your birthday later, "said Netta, "So you were late because of the Arcella gift shop?" Romeo asked, "Yes, buy some items. Isn't the conversation just starting now? "

"OK, ……", ***

Meanwhile, in the presence of Martha and Jim Wa.

"Now I feel sadness for that child! He was very sad, he lost something valuable and waited for an appointment. He lost that promise and again ... ", "Martha, stop feeling and reading his mind. But we can help him not to be sad, "

"But somehow he helped. He lost an old lover, he was sad. He is crying! "

"Martha, do anything to make her happy again. Isn't that what you have done for him all this time. During high school he was bullied but now you try not to make him bullied. You protect it, you have become a very good mother, "

"Thank you, Jim Wa", ***

* Alika

Walk and continue walking home to the Buniv hostel. No need to look back like I did before, this is the same as I looked into his part a few years ago married another girl. I remember he got engaged to Alecia whom he thought was the girl I was. "Do you remember a girl who lived in the middle of the forest alone, then you came for her to be a lover. Then leave because of royal problems. You promised me to come back and be with me forever but ... what did I get now? You go forever ... does that mean your promise to me? Or maybe I should curse you with your lover? Cursing all your offspring? I see and hear you! "

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