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   Chapter 11 I replaced Alecia

Bride Of Vampire By Anita Characters: 7388

Updated: 2018-12-09 10:16

Erega looked at me, whatever the matter with him now. I feel bad for him because he has replaced Alecia as his prey.

"Are you a magician huh? Or who are you? ", I was shocked when he asked that, "What do you mean? I am a human", "How can you be called a human? You know I won't do this to you. I don't want you to be my prey, but if you want. Will you be my friend? ", "Yes, of course. But why did you change your mind? Is my blood not good? ", Erega smiled sweetly, "No, I think your blood is very good. But I can't drink holy blood. You are actually protected by great power, so there's no way I can hurt you, "

" Great power ?"

"Yes, that power only appears for people who are reincarnated. Do you feel that for yourself? ", "No, I don't feel anything. But if you don't make this agreement, will you hurt Alecia? ", "No, I won't hurt you and Alecia. Anyway, what you do not want to VA? I thought you were invited to take part in the anniversary of the vampires, "

"Yes, of course. But I can't come on time. You know I walked here and I think it's far enough to go to VA ", "Okay, I'll take you. We will be together to VA ", I just smiled sweetly, then Eregaberdiri then said "Come here! And hold on to me. I'll take you to VA ". I did the order, holding on to Erega tightly. Then a miracle happened, my body and Erega turned into bats that flew and headed towards VA.

Maybe because it was the first time hugging someone or how, when I hugged him I felt his body very cold. He really isn't like a human who keeps warmth to the body, but I'm very happy. I'm good night and can attend VA.


In an instant I arrived at VA. A group of bats stopped in front of everyone present, the bat that turned into someone that was me and Erega.

"Alika !" Said the mother approaching me, mother immediately hugged me tightly, then released her, "Mother thought you would not come, mother would like to introduce someone to you. Come on, come with mom! ", "Erega, thank you for taking me. I'll come with you, we'll see you later! ", "Yes, fine, have fun, " he replied.

Then I began to follow my mother, while Erega talked with other VA members. My steps stopped in front of a beautiful woman.


n in love with the king's daughter, that person is Roman. Roman was very disappointed as soon as he heard the king married the princess with Romeo. Roman realized that his sacrifices had never been considered princesses and kings. Roman left the area to the enemy territory. Roman joins the enemy to destroy Romeo and his kingdom. The news of Romeo and a daughter's wedding was heard in my ear, I was very disappointed. I am in detention, vanished from that hope and promise. When there was an offer from Roman, I agreed to live with him. The war began, Romeo managed to enter this palace, and saw me sitting in the queen's seat alone. At that moment the arrow pierced the heart, and I breathed my last breath. The promise is over, there is nothing left.

My head was dizzy instantly, the sun was shining. I still remember the dream. Now I remember who I was, the arrow pierced my heart. After that everything is dark, and the promise is not fulfilled. Someone raises me in the name of love and promise. Now that I know who I really am, you are not the daughter of a mother who died from a vampire bite and ran out of blood. I am the girl, the girl who is waiting for an appointment and reincarnation. The blue crescent sign is in my hand, this left hand. Blue crescent moon. The lunar eclipse has shown who I really am. I swatted the sign so that no one would suspect, "look ... look now, what is the reason you raised this girl? While you are engaged to another woman! "

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