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   Chapter 10 I'm not a witch

Bride Of Vampire By Anita Characters: 7500

Updated: 2018-12-09 10:02

Mother came and said what was the purpose of coming here. There are a number of things that make me not like to hear the reality that the mother says, but I have to accept it.

"Mother, please help me find out who I really am? They think of me as a witch, I'm not a witch! ", "Alright, will you explain to me. You know Romeo right? "

Nodding head, "So before you were born, your mother was attacked by a vampire. He was bitten by a vampire and had to be rushed to the hospital because of your mother's condition. That's what helped your mother is Romeo and Roman, they took your mother to the hospital. They think your mother will survive that condition, but after the doctor said something unexpected. Finally to save your mother and the life of the baby in her birth. Forcibly, Romeo and Roman come to the mother to ask for help. There is no other way, doctors also can't. With all risks, mothers do things unexpectedly. Generating someone who is gone, someone who is loved. Doing things unexpectedly, arousing someone called reincarnation for the little boy. Unfortunately your mother is not saved, your mother cannot endure the pain she suffered. He actually only gave birth to you instead of Alecia, Alecia is reincarnation. Awaken him to save you, we thought you would be safe with your mother, but we were wrong. We are afraid you will get rid of all this, so we separate you from Alecia. But you don't need to feel sad, Alecia is not your twin. You and him are different, it's not from your mother's blood. When Alecia is treated by Jim Wa, mom pity you because no one wants to adopt you. Finally my mother decided to take care of you, teach you everything you know. I'm sorry for forcing you to come here and look for your twin, mom doesn't mean to force you and make you sad. Mother just doesn't want you to blame what happened. I hope that with the abilities you have, you can find your family later. I don't want you to be sad when we have to go, we can't be forever in this place, we don't want vampire hunters and magic to come, "

"Mother, mom don't be sad. I thank you for raising me, I understand, I'm happy if Alecia isn't my twin. I'm afraid if the message from mom is right, I don't want Alecia to be compared to me. I unde

thing there for you ", "Of course! ", Walk to the castle garden, following Erega's steps that take me to the middle of the castle garden. There I saw he had prepared candles, small food and drinks which were covered by carpets. Then Erega and I sat there. From here we can see the moon that will be a lunar eclipse tonight.

"Let's drink, I make a drink for you. I hope you like it, and just calm down this drink for humans! "He smiled, Seeing his face and then taking a glass of drink, smelling the aroma of the item Erega made the medicine in this drink. After feeling safe, I started drinking it and everything was fine nothing happened.

" I told you everything will be fine!"

"Yes, you are right", "Seeing the moon will change, soon there will be a lunar eclipse! This will be very pleasant to see, what do you think! "

Look up, and see the moon. What Erega said was true. But suddenly he, who was originally in front of me, was behind me. Grasping my hands tightly, then hugged me tightly. His head is always close to me, I began to feel like I would bite my neck now. He still hugged me tightly, and immediately began ...

But for some reason he stopped it, is it possible that my blood isn't good? Suddenly a group of bats fly and turn back into humans, namely Erega. He was in front of me now, seeing me and seeing as if I was storing something to me. I don't know what's wrong with him, I saw him smiling sweetly. I'm just not comfortable with him because I replaced Alecia.

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