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   Chapter 9 When Jim Wa is married to my mother

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Updated: 2018-12-08 19:49

Moonlight illuminates the forest, trying to enter from the grove of trees. Star-studded sky and not a cloud which indicates it will rain. Alecia who ran finally stopped at the edge of the cliff, looking at the forest under the moonlit gorge.

"Why? I do not mean it. What I do, I really do not accidentally. There is someone who called me and headed there. I really don't know it will end this way, " Alecia said.

" I 'll help you, Alecia. I don't want you to go, so is it true that you heard a call that brought you there? " Romeo said, "Right, when I arrived suddenly I immediately faced Erega. He tried to hurt me. When I was hurt, Alika came to save me. He used his magic to make Erega unable to move. Tanama n binds Erega's body. I don't want the girl to grab you from me after the prophecy and we can't read her mind. Then I just tell the truth that he is a witch, "

"Listen Alecia, no one will replace you by my side. There will never be. You are the woman I've been looking for, so there's no way anyone else will replace your position, "

"But I doubt Romeo. I doubt it! ", "Then your doubts will end when the lunar eclipse comes. Constellation will come and see the truth. He will come on my birthday. This problem would be better if I find out why you heard that strange call. I'm sure there is someone behind all this, "

"Thank you Romeo, thank you", Alecia hugged Romeo who was beside him.


Morning on campus, today we are facing another test. But today's supervisor is Alecia herself. A fun day for boys who are fans of Alecia. When the bell rang, Alecia began to share exam questions and answer sheets. When Alecia was about to go to my desk to put down the paper, she looked at me for a moment then turned her gaze to the others.

He approached and put the paper on the table. Then head to the other table. After he finished he sat in the lecturer chair while saying "Do your test today in earnest, and start when the bell rings then end with the bell ringing too. Today is Saturday, so be enthusiastic about doing it because tonight and tomorrow you will have fun. Not only that, I was also asked by Romeo this morning to say something for all of you. First, Romeo invite you to my birthday way in building VA on Monday night at 08.00. For clothes, you will wear red dresses for women and black suits for men. Any question? ", A w

ot see him, "

"Are you sure? He looks like you ", "Yes, I really mean it, "

" Do you know Alecia? ", "Yes you know it, "

"Is he your best friend or close friend? ", "Neither", "Well, it feels like you know that, Alecia is your twin. Well, because of that you will also be invited to attend the lunar eclipse event tonight. The program will determine your destiny, "

"Is it very and must be attended? ", "Not really, but if you really want to know this truth, "

"Yes if I'm not busy, I 'll come ma'am!"

"Besides that you want you to know that mom and Jim Wa will get married. Will you mind? Just say the truth to mom, "

"I was shocked if mom would remarry, but why did you get married again? ", "In the past when mothers worked in hospitals, mothers never married. Mother lied to several people to go to work there. Mother raised you for a reason. A very heavy reason if you hear the reality, "

"Mom, just tell me the truth. I will be ready to accept whatever the reason is, "

"But you do n't see your readiness in your eyes, baby!"

"Mother, please help me find out who I really am? They think of me as a witch, I'm not a witch! ", "Alright, will you explain to me. You know Romeo right? "

Nodding head, I thought mom would tell me about the man now, the man I only knew as a VA member. What's wrong with Romeo huh? Huh, I hope you will tell me the best this time. Actually, I don't like it when Jim Wa is married to my mother, but I don't want to hurt my mother. He must have read my mind right now, oh mother ... is this the best way among us? ",

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