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   Chapter 8 The Dracula castle and foreign man

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Campus dormitory ...

Tiring day, I even did not expect VA fanatic fans here. Lie on the bed and look at the ceiling. Suddenly my eyes saw Netta that surprised me.

"Just like a ghost, I was shocked, " I said, "Yes sorry if you have surprised you. Anyway I want to invite you to see the lunar eclipse tomorrow night. Do you want? Please! " Begged, "What to do? You say VA is part of a vampire, you know I'm a human. Are you able to smell my body? ", "Hah, just calm down there is why there is a special drink for us. Just relax, and this is a good opportunity. On the show there will be a hybrid that predicts. Actually it's not like a fortune teller, he just reads blank paper that can only be read. Then there are other guests too, "

"I see, I'm not interested. But if you insist on accompanying you, you may, "

"Is it true? ", "Yes"

"Thank you Al, I'm really happy to hear that. Finally I will have a friend to talk there ", "Friend talking? You really, if there is an event, don't you have friends? ", "No, you know that Alecia?"

Nodding head, "Yes, he is not my friend. You know he's a cunning person, pitting and buckling once in his mouth. Because of him I had a big problem and was almost expelled from this campus and VA. Luckily Steven defended me ", "Indeed, what has Alecia done to you? ", " He trapped me, a student died of blood. He found myself and I saw he had been bitten by a vampire. At that time Alecia came with other VA members. This incident made me understand that Alecia had set me up. At first I came to that place because Alecia said that Steven would meet me. But in fact that's what happened ", I silently listened to Netta's story, then said "I'm concerned about hearing your story. But why is Alecia like that to you? ", "I don't know, I don't know. Maybe it was because of the incident at the time of last year's lunar eclipse. Romeo approaches me and we are together. Our togetherness might have made him jealous, "

"Hah, in my opinion maybe because you are beautiful", Netta just smiled and then continued to speak, "So you want to, right? Yes, indeed, I already have a super good boyfriend. But it won't be meaningful if my life is without a girl friend. Close friend! ", "Yes, I want to. But what dress do you use? Isn't it an event like that using a dress huh? ", "Yes, it's up to you to use what dress. Uh, but I don't want to disturb your vacation. Isn't tomorrow your last test? And after that it must be a vacation, "

"No problem, I 'll talk to mom later and say I'll be here to accompany my friend. I'm sure you will allow me, "

"Your mother is a very good person huh? ", "Yes of course! ", "Okay, I'll tidy up my things first. I will move to VA, and forgive me for making you alone. But I have to stay there ... ", "It's oka

ght she was my best friend when I was serving a sentence. But I'm sure you already know who the culprit is, "

"Yes your answer is correct. And I want that person to be handed over to Ere when the lunar eclipse comes. I don't care how, than we all accept the consequences just because one person violates the rules here ", While Alecia realized that it was just silence and said "What about the Buniv girl?"

"He doesn't matter, I hear everything. Why are you doing that? ", "Do what? ", "You know, as a result, the girl is considered a witch. You dismantle the shame of others and make him suffer. You're not aware of these deeds huh? You break the rules, then dismantle the shame of others who have saved you. You have wants what? Where is the sense of give glory to others, Alecia? ", Alecia stood up and held her head while saying "I'm really sorry, forgive me all. I just don't want other people to equate me with him. I'm really sorry, please help me out of this problem. Please! ", "There is no way other than to hand you over to the lai n ga Ere, Alecia. That was our agreement, should ka m u think about ahead of time what your actions as a result of this. It's impossible if we hand over the girl. He is not from this rule, "said Eren, "But he also entered the castle, he should be the prey of the agreement", "But he came to save you, Alecia. Ka m u did not know reciprocation yes! "Said Netta, "Why did you buy the girl, Netta? I'm your friend, you should defend me. Not him! ", "I will defend anyone who I think is true", Finally Alecia ran out of the VA building, she used her strength to go far away. Romeo who saw Alecia leave as soon as possible followed. Romeo is worried about Alecia, she is afraid that Alecia will do things that will endanger her. Romeo loves Alecia very much because she is very similar to the woman he once loved.

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