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   Chapter 7 Jealous

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Morning, I and Netta together headed for school. People started whispering. Then one of them approached Netta and said "Netta, me and my friends want a favor. Do you want to help kam i? ", "What can I do for you? ", "Tomorrow is Romeo's birthday, we want to give a gift for him can you deliver the gift to him?"

"Questions and good help, why don't you give him directly? ", "E, we are doubtful and you know he is rather difficult to meet", "Hah, what's the trouble. Isn't he going to come here today, he will watch you test. Just calm down ... ", "Is it true? ", "Yes, that man will be your supervisor and good luck"

Then Netta and I continued our journey. Then separated, Netta met her friends while I went to the park to read a book.


Meanwhile, VA members came. Their arrival has made this campus excited. Their arrival was like in Korean drama. But of course they are friendly to everyone. The girls greet Romeo, "Sis Romeo, will his birthday be celebrated? ", Asked one of them.

"Yes, of course. Tomorrow is my birthday, I will celebrate with my family first with friends and people like you. Tonight there's a lunar eclipse, so I don't want to miss this. We recommend that when you watch the lunar eclipse that happened once a year together with your family since it was a Saturday night will certainly be a pleasant evening "said Romeo, "Yeah right, I agree if you say that, "

"Yes, so do I!"

"Alright, looks like I have to go to the principal's room first. I and the others will hold a briefing for a briefing. I hope we will meet again later in the test time, "Romeo said. Then Romeo and the others go to the principal's room.

*Principal's office

VA's arrival was warmly welcomed by the principal, Jim Wa.

"Good morning, Mr. Jim Wa " they said simultaneously, "Morning, VA! ", "So what can we do for the exam today?" Romeo asked, "I have written on a small paper containing the class that you will supervise. I want you to watch over them properly and don't get cheated. Make sure they really do this test, "

"Fine, Mr. Jim Wa, " Romeo answered, Then they took the paper in turn, after that it left except Alecia who wanted to talk to Jim Wa.

"Daddy, can you get Alika out of this campus for me? ", "Alika! Alika a new student? ", "Yes father, who else if not him", "What's wrong with him? ", "I don't like him", "Do not like? Why? ", "Romeo, Akira and Roman always talk about the girl", "You are jealous? Never mind, no jealousy. Are you not the girl Romeo has been looking for. So why not his Mburu ce will remain yours. You are the girl he has been looking for, "

"Hah, yeah. Actually I just hesitated, I was very doubtful after the girl arrived. He looks like me, and even friends can't read his mind. I feel, I'm not the girl after Alika arrived. I doubt it! ", "Hah, never mind. Later when the lunar eclipse comes, it will all be proven. You don't need to doubt, I'm sure you are that girl ", "Yes Father, I'll try not to hesitate. I'm leaving, good morning. ", "A

So what do you say? Give us the reason you're close to them? ", I was almost half scared to see their expressions threatening me, but I had to remain calm, "Calm down, Romeo is just watching our test. He really isn't watching over me but watching over you all even though he's close to me, "

"Hah, just the reason. You are lying! ", "Don't try to lie, huh! If you lie, just look at the consequences! "

"I'm not lying, men are. Besides, I'm not a fan, how about Romeo, "

"What about Akira? ", "He only asked about Netta. He was worried about Netta, he was afraid that Netta would be sick because if Netta was sick the number of VA would decrease ", Suddenly the boy who Nans heard about Netta was worried that Akira was approaching and said "Is Netta sick?"

"No, it's fine, "

"Uh thank God", Girls began to pull boys away from me, "Go, we want to talk to Al!", The boy moved away because he was crushed by his outnumbered daughters. "Then what does Akira talk to you about? You tried capers huh? ", "No, I answer honestly. He only said about Netta and Alecia ", "Hah, never mind. Just be careful so you grab Akira from us! ", "And don't take Romeo", "Don't win Roman, "

"Don't take Ethan, "

"Janga n seize Steven", "Hah, there are a lot of requests from these girls. But I have to keep listening to their requests before my life drifts. Hah, actually they are college kids or high school kids? "I thought to myself. After being content to talk they left me. I was a little relieved when they left. I don't think that being close to the VA would be like this. Can the man's good looks make a woman die from a broken heart? Seh the flow if they want it is n't supposed to ban me like this. I'm just an ordinary friend!

*The other side

Before Alika arrived, Alecia had influenced Alika's classmates to use her strength. Until such an incident befalls Alika. Alecia was very happy to hear Alika's answer. But Alecia will keep an eye on Alika and keep Alika away from VA, especially Romeo.

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