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   Chapter 6 VA is Vampire

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The nightmare continues to haunt me, it's clear how not. I dreamed of my mother and Netta being carried by an evil dracula. What's more after I rescued Alecia from the night's incident and assured me, the dracula will be grudging with me. Frankly, when Alecia and I left she kept saying that she would keep chasing me. Huh, this really disturbs me. I don't even understand, why is it so difficult to find my twin if he is indeed in BUNIV.

After taking a shower, I sat in a study chair while staring at Netta who was busy reading books. I also say to be careful not to let slip the events of that night in Netta, let's say I want to vent at Netta to hide what happened that night. "Netta, I've seen a castle not far from this place. What is the castle? "

Netta stopped reading the book and looked at me, "The castle is not far from here, what is your castle in the forest?"

I nodded my head, "Oh, that, it's a castle that isn't inhabited by anyone. A few days ago there was a strange incident there. There used to be a lot of girls visiting here every Sunday night or Sunday to make friends or party or contact parents without getting caught by anyone ", "Contacting parents without anyone knowing? Is there no phone call here too? "

"Oh no, I mean, that is to avoid ridicule from his friends. You know that we have grown, perhaps in some students not forget his childhood to contact parents and says it does not want to be known by others. For example you like mother's food and it's hard to eat anything other than mother's cooking or even close to your mother so you don't want to separate. You want to ask your mother to deliver food or meet your mother because she doesn't want to separate or is still a mama and spoiled child. So for you don't say that mama's child and spoiled were forced to contact parents secretly, "Netta explained to me at length.

"Yes, I understand, then what's wrong with the castle?"

"It used to be very crowded, but one night strange things started to happen. Some students disappeared in an instant and the next morning they were found dead from blood loss. Strangely, their bodies are always found bites in the neck, such as the bite of wild animals in animals but if their animals can certainly escape or run away to save themselves. I'm sure this is not a wild animal but there is someone or other creature who lives there. Now the castle has become a mystery, and finally the VA members forbid anyone to come there for security's sake. "

"Oh, my mother said that in this world we are not alone. There are other beings who live side by side with us. Only we do not know about it. I said there were vampires and others on this earth. Do you believe that, Netta? "

"Yes, I believe, but not really, you don't want to take a short walk out of this dorm before dus

an? ", "Alecia, the girl said what happened to them last night. You know I came to help him and a little lie to VA that I found him in the forest. You know that girl is looking for trouble or wants to die, coming to the castle at night. He met Dracula ", "Is it true? ", "Of course, I'm not lying. I hate that girl, I really like what a witch! ", "A little!"

Netta said that of course made me even more upset, I looked at Netta. Netta also tried to look away from the others.

"You know, maybe because you have more abilities. I heard from the VA that your mind is locked, k udengar also be incident, I want to ask you. What are you doing? Mermaid, Hybird, Vampire, Wolf, Witch? ", "I'm human, Netta. What are you alone? ", "I am a vampire, "

"Vampire? Is that true? ", "Yes, of course there is. Almost all VA members are vampire. Believe it or not", "How can you survive here if there are many humans here? ", "It's easy, we have blood. Artificial blood, so that is what makes us survive but in fact the blood of the manus is better and the human aroma is stronger ", "Is it true? Is that guy talking to you too? ", "Which man? ", "Akira ", "Yes, he is Hybird, "

"Hem, you must be from a famous circle to the point that the hybrid meets you"

"Hahaha ... he's a VA member, "

"I see, it's just like you are familiar. Netta, what is the smell of my body? ", "Nothing ", "Is it true?"

"Yes, right, but I smelled roses. You know, I can guess you're wearing perfume every day with rose scent, "Yes, right"

Then we laughed together, I just found out if the Netta was a vampire and some VA members were vampires. Then what about Roman, and Ethan. Are they vampires too? Hah they have a hard time guessing. Now I actually became afraid of Netta because she was a vampire and had blood. And after what he said that human scent was stronger and blood was better.

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