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   Chapter 5 Castle2

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My arrival and Alecia made an uproar VA. How not, Alecia came with hurt. Alecia sat on the couch, and her friends approached.

"What happened to him?" Asked Steven

"We accidentally got an attack from ..." Looking at Alecia, he shook his head to not tell the truth.

"Seriously from someone unknown" replied Alecia

"Yes unknown person", "Alright, I will heal you but I don't want you to go out tonight"

"Yes thank you, Alika"

"Alika, are you actually a magician?" Romeo asked

Seeing Alecia and frowning on her head so she did n't say the truth about what she saw in the castle.

"No, I only treat wounds, " I said while treating Alecia's wounds, and healed her in an instant.

"Yes, Alika is right! Alika only has the ability to treat. Alika, you better go home, aren't you going to school tomorrow? Thank you for bringing me here "

"Yes, you are welcome, just suppose this is just a coincidence", "I go home first, good night everyone!" I went to leave the place. I at least survived this VA member, if I don't go home with Alecia then I will get a reprimand or a punishment. Now the problem is how to enter the room without the hostel supervisor's knowledge.


Meanwhile, in the VA building.

"Where have you been? Why are you hurt? I'm sure you're not attacked by someone unknown if you don't come out of this area! " Romeo said

"I 'm sorry, I accidentally went to the castle"

"What! Did you go there? It's very dangerous, "Romeo said in a high tone.

"Yes, I know, forgive me. But luckily Alika came to help me "

"Look at yourself, once he healed, the wounds disappeared. Alika really has abilities, but it's strange if I can't read her mind, "Eren said.

"Yes it's good if you can't read his mind. If you read his mind it's the same as you stealing people's freedom. Do you do that every day to meet non-VA members? " Steven said.

"Not so, I only do this if I feel suspicious of someone"

"Oh, I see"

"Romeo, actually why did you ask Alika if she was a witch?" Alecia asked.

"It's because of a prophecy, but also because soon there will be an eclipse of the red moon that will make the evil forces stronger than before. You know, maybe it's also a freedom for Dracula in the castle. "

"But we can prevent it from entering here?" Said Friska

"I am not sure that I can prevent this from having their freedom on Sundays"

"The Dracula is free on Sundays?" Asked Steven

"I mean students here, you know almost all gir

stable. A surprise that humans will never forget forever.


Afternoon, Borne University or BUNIV. The head is dizzy and tired of continuing to study, it is true that there are no lecturers who attend or enter the class, but tomorrow the test is forced to be studied diligently with other students. In the BUNIV dormitory room, I thought Netta had arrived in the dorm room but when I arrived Netta was not in the room. Place the bag and book on the study table and then lie on the soft bed. It's really nice to lie on this soft mattress, but my head is even directed at Alecia. I don't know why I thought about Akira and Alecia. My head became dizzy thinking about the two children. For me, I just lay there for a while and fell into a deep sleep.

In the dark I returned to meet my mother and Alecia, but when I wanted to approach them. They were brought by Dracula who lived in the castle. Mother and Alecia shouted for help and called me, I wanted to save them but my legs felt in someone's pull, so I woke up. I immediately realized that just pulling my leg was Netta who came.

"Are you awake, Al?"

"Ah, you are Netta! Has the test finished? "

"Never mind, tomorrow is your turn right? Do you want the answer? My grades are good! "

"No, it's not necessary. I go take a shower first! "

"Okay, your eyes are still sleepy huh?"

"No, it's only red because it's tired"

"Oh, because tomorrow you will definitely study hard but don't forget to eat! Will get sick and can't get a vacation "

"Yes, thank you for the advice Netta" went straight to the bathroom even though the shadow of the nightmare slowly began to haunt me.

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