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   Chapter 4 Castle

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While waiting for a call from the sequence number I got. But when I waited I actually felt strange things here especially I felt there were other creatures besides me. But I closed my thoughts and feelings so they could not read them. I thought about how to find my twin and also think about what to show them later.

Meanwhile, some VA members pay attention to everyone who registers. They not only pay attention but also read their minds. That's when they found a participant whose minds could not be read by them.

"Who is the woman? Why can't his mind be read? " Asked Steven

"Oh, he is a new student at BUNIV. His name is Alika, what's wrong with him? "Asked Romeo

"I tried to read the minds of everyone here, I can't read it"

"I told you not to read human thoughts, " Alecia continued

"Come on, what's the harm! I just read their thoughts but I can't read them. She was the woman yesterday, right? "

"That's right, " Romeo said

"You can't read his mind? This is very strange, you should call number 100 and we see what it is, "Alecia said

Steven, Romeo and Alecia leave from there to enter a room showing the ability of registrants.


Suddenly when I thought about what was going to be shown to them, I instead got a call to enter to start the show for them. I stepped into the room, the first thing I saw was a VA member I've met.

"Okay, first introduce my name Romeo. I'm the leader here, and my friends, Alecia, Steven, Eren and Akira. We will test you before you become a member of the VA and give you assignments. So please show your skills to us, "Romeo said.

I began to show miracles in front of them, said most of the truth and a little lie. " I don't know what to do but, I have the ability ... yes I mean that my mind cannot be read by vampires and similar beings. This ability does look like an ordinary human, but the fact is different.

"Alright, but the vampire doesn't exist. So how can it be and you are sure that your strength exists? "Asked Eren

"There is a small fact about VA here. I know after opening real vision but I don't like to show this to anyone. I don't want BUNIV to hear this. Because you want me to show that vampire exists and does not exist. I want to borrow a knife, is there a knife here? "

Alecia gave me a knife, then I used the knife to hurt my own hand. Fresh blood came out of his hands and dripped onto the floor.

" What are you doing? It can hurt you "Steven who could not stand the scent of fresh blood.

"Take it easy, this wound can heal quickly. And, I will see red eyes here. Hopefully all of you can withstand that thirst, "I replied.

Romeo, who is a sharp sharp blood, tries to close his mouth because he can't stand it.

"Well, it seems like it's enough so I will show you the ability to heal these wounds, " I said, dropping the knife and covering the injured left hand with my right hand. In an instant the wound healed, there were no scars. Those who held back thirst disappeared and gave me applause.

"A good show, I'm almost scared. You got away! "Said Alecia

"Yes, I do, but don't do it again in front of us. We can't help you. If you run out of blood, Romeo said.

" Steven and I ... declare you are escaped" said Eren

Hearing this I said "Thank you" then I was directed to get out of there and now it's another turn to show their abilities. I was very happy to hear their decision and passed me on the VA member registration selection.

Walking out of the room, right in the courtyard of this building I met Netta.

" Hi Alika, have you entered the registration form?"

" Yes, I have already been called"

" Wow ... so fast!"

" Yes, I think it will wait a long time. They told me, I passed this registration. I am very happy to hear the decision and I will be ready to become a VA member "

" Wow, you're great even though you just entered Borneo University. Congratulations, you are accepted, okay I have to go in first. I'm sure the frie

nds there are waiting for me, see you again Alika "

" See you later".

Netta walked into the building to meet her friends. Meanwhile in a place not far from the university precisely in a wilderness stands a castle inhabited by dracula who like to find prey. Especially girls who like to go out at night from campus or even people who don't believe in the presence of dracula. The name of the dracula is Erega. He is very crazy about the blood of a girl. Erega looked at the University of Borneo. Where beautiful girls are doing daily activities. Erega really wants to taste their fresh blood. But Erega could only stare at them from this castle.


Beautiful evenings accompanied by the bright moonlight lan. VA is observing each campus building and also the castle from here. Romeo really did not expect any more casualties caused by the castle. Romeo knows about the castle and also other VA members. So from that they use their good looks and beauty to tie everyone in BUNIV to not get out of here at night.

"Romeo, I'll take a short walk! I want to make sure my fans don't get out of here, "Steven said

" Okay, but don't disturb them. They will go to school tomorrow and don't approach them if they can't stand the fresh blood. "

By ce g pat Steven went to boarding BUNIV to supervise fans.

Meanwhile, Alecia heard a strange call in her ear, a call from someone asking her to come. Alecia followed the voice of the call that didn't make her come to Dracula's castle. His arrival was welcomed by Erega. Alecia was in danger, Alecia realized that. Alecia wanted to get out of the castle but suddenly the door was locked and Erega attacked her until she was injured. When Erega wanted to suck Alecia's blood, Alecia said in her heart "Help me! Anyone help me! "

* Alika

I feel something strange, I hear someone calling for help. The voice of the call is getting clearer and clearer. Finally I decided to find out where the voice was, I followed the call and it turned out to be outside this hostel. Keep following and I see Steven standing guard here. I use my power to influence him. Steven, who began to feel the presence of someone who came out of the dorm and ran as soon as possible followed. That's when I quickly went to the voice of the call. The voice goes to a creepy castle. Entering the castle slowly, and I saw Alecia injured with her hands tied and mouth in bandages. I removed the ties and bandages.

"What are you doing here? You're in trouble, Alika, he said

"Problem ?"

Suddenly I heard from behind the voice of a man who said "Yes, a big problem and I can't wait to taste fresh blood tonight "

I turned and smiled sweetly, "Really? Tell me that you are joking to drink my blood? "

"Of course I'm not kidding, beautiful girl!"

"He is Dracula, Alika. You better go and I'll hold it here "

"No, you are my friend and we are both VA members. Let's face him together! "

"That's impossible, he's very strong"

"Believe me!" Take a signal to attack and the dracula appears ready to deal with the attack. We attacked together, the dracula attacked Alecia first. Alecia was thrown and hurt. Now it's my turn to face the dracula. I'm afraid but I have to be brave. Alecia got up and attacked the dracula from behind, but Alecia was thrown away.

"Are you afraid?" Asked Erega

"No, I'm not afraid. Before I die, may I ask what your name is? "

"Of course, my name is Erega"

"Hay, Erega. You better start from now you become a good Dracula because the girl in front of you can kill you "

"Hahaha ... don't joke, you're just human!"

"Yes, it's only human"

I use my power to make plants outside creep and drag Erega's body. When he was restrained, that's when Alecia and I ran away. While Erega continued to squeeze his body to free himself from the bond. Unfortunately the plant is increasingly moving increasingly bound. "I 'll chase you, I'll keep chasing you! Remember that! "Said Erega angrily.

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