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   Chapter 3 VA

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The departure of the fans did not make Roman and Romeo get off the tree just like that. Both nyah remain on the tree for a moment to make sure things are really safe.

That's when they both saw Alika walking and stopped right under the tree they were both.

* Alika

Walking back and forth, and high- quality. " Why is it that I became a girl and I'm worried about this day? What's wrong with my mother? What ib u have a problem with the other? Huh, actually what is the reason my mother put me here, I'm sure this is not the right reason, "I muttered.

Netta walked over and said "You're here, apparently, I'm looking for you everywhere".

"Yes forgive me for leaving you earlier, I just started to worry and worry about my mother"

"Have you never been far from your mother?"

"No, I'm never far from my mother and this keeps me very worried"

"Are you worried about this place? What is there with a magnificent place like this, or have you been here before? "

"I don't know, I feel something strange is on this place. I don't usually feel this way anywhere "

"Do you want to see Alecia?"

"Alecia, what's with him?"

"What's wrong with him but who he is! He is a good person, and also my friend. He is a VA member and also someone who is willing to hear your problem. She's a good woman

"Oh, I don't think so. Maybe just next time Netta "

" Yes, but will you register as a VA member?"

"I'm not sure of that, I don't have talent"

"Hem, okay, but if you change your mind, come along!"

"Huh, yes if I find my talent and if you remember"

"Are you forgetful?"

"No, I remember but I'm lazy to do it"

Suddenly the sound of the bell rang, and Netta and I quickly entered the classroom.

Because this is the first day, then I introduce myself in front classmates.

"Hay, good morning. Introduce my name Alika, I'm from Borneo High School. I am 17 years old. Thank you"

Not only are you welcome to sit, some people start whispering. Suddenly a man said loudly, "Sorry, are you Alecia? Are you his brother huh? "

" Is that right? You look like him very much, "continued the others

"No, I'm not his sister. We only look a little, Alecia is more beautiful than me "

"Oh, I thought you were similar to him!"

Then I'm welcome to sit in the middle row of the second part of the chair.



Who will not be offended if you continue to be equated with new students? What else is the new child starting to talk about often and will reduce self- popularity? Yes that's what makes Alecia resentful with Alika. Alecia saved her hatred for Alika. Alecia often stayed away from people and chose to sit alone in the park.

Because it is considered similar to Alecia, Alika easily has new friends on this campus. New friends praise her beauty that is similar to Alecia, but on the contrary. Alika praised Alecia which she felt was better than her.

* Alika

Walk alone, and feel something strange in his heart. Feelings of sadness that always blanket even though people around are good people and want to be friends with me. Walking towards the school park, when you want to pass it suddenly a man who is reading a book says "Are you a woman who is said to be similar to Alecia?"

"Yes, but I don't think so really. I'm sure their pastures just saying it, I'm sure Alecia prettier than me and a better "

He started to show his face which was the Roman, he began menutu p Alika book and approach and stated "I hope that this attitude does not make you arrogant and do not create chaos here. And, never seize the popularity of others just because you are similar to him.

"I don't like being popular and my attitude is not like this, after all who wants to be said to be similar to someone. They say that to me not me! "

Roman wal

ked closer to me and whispered something in my ear that made me nervous " I don't like it if someone hurts Alecia secretly and considers herself better than Alecia. Don't do it again or hurt Alecia, I'm not reluctant to hurt you or even throw you out of this campus. You know, this campus doesn't accept poor students like you. Then he left calmly as if there were no problems.

I just stared at the annoying man's departure, I haven't even done anything to Alecia already got a threat from him. At first I thought the child was good like his handsome face but it turned out to be rotten too, just think of it as a good guava outside and when it's rotten inside.


* Dormitory, Alika room

Sitting at the study table alone, I stared at the photo of my mother and myself. "Mom, when will it return? What should I do now? Roman, my friend is hating me. He said ... this is about Alecia, to be honest I don't understand why they say I'm similar to Alecia. Is it true that I resemble him, Mom? If it's true, can you explain this to me? "I muttered.

Suddenly Netta came in and sat on her bed, looking at me for a moment and then preparing to leave. "Alika, are you not joining VA?" Asked Netta.

"Follow or not? I don't know, I haven't found my talent. But I will get ready ".

"Well, I'll wait for you in the VA room. See you! ", Netta went out of the room.

"Yes, see you!", "Huh, now I'm alone, going or not? Or just just see them in action? Oh well, get ready! "

When I open the closet and look for clothes that are suitable for going to VA. I instead found a letter, I took it and sat on the bed. Then open the letter slowly, in front of the envelope is not written anything that makes me even more curious as to who wrote this letter.

"For dear Alika, This is mother, mother wants to say something to you. I don't know if you will be angry or hate your mother. But this is what you need to know, baby. Before you were born, your mother had bleeding and was bitten by a vampire. He gave birth to two daughters. The first princess had a red crescent birthmark on her left hand, and one family came to adopt her named Alecia. That birthmark will never disappear and you hope you find your brother. Mother has a prediction that you and your brother will experience a difficult thing in this life. The prediction says partially that your sister will grow into a vampire.

Then you are born and your mother is adopted because the hospital is very difficult to find the right person. I gave you the name Alika, because it's just to make it easier for your name and your brother, Alika and Alecia. Mother has given you all your mother's strength. So, whatever you face can solve it by yourself with a little help with magic. Do you want to meet your sister? Then do your best, use your strength to stay on campus that you choose. Mother predicted that your sister was there, so use your magic to find your sister.

Mother loves you, Alika. Take care of yourself dear, your mother is gone forever. Your mother is too long to live and continue to survive.

My dear, Martha. "

After reading the letter, I just realized the reason my mother put me here. He wants me to find my twin sister, Alecia. He gave me a hint that Alecia was here. So as soon as possible, I'm getting ready to go to VA.


I arrived VA, entered the main room and saw many people have special abilities. Then I approached the table and took the serial number and filled out the registration form. I got the number 100, after filling out the registration form I handed it back to the committee. I also saw from a distance VA members watched us from here, they were on the top floor. I feel something is trying to read my mind so I close it. I'm sure that comes from the strength of the people here.

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