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   Chapter 32 Betrayal of trust

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I came home from Mosa, right at the front of the house my arrival was awaited by Yoong. He looks annoyed. Mosa did not want to linger here, she left. I immediately approached Yoong who was in the middle of the door.

"Yoong, have you been waiting a long time?"

"You tried to avoid me? Where have you been? I am looking for you"

"I'm from Fena's house, Fena was hospitalized because she was injured and I drove her home with Mosa"

"Oh, I see! But don't have to dodge me right? You ask Fena to be you that endangers others "

"Who asked him to be me? I didn't say that to him "

Somehow Yoong immediately pulled my hand and brought me into the house. Yoong closed the door and asked me to sit on the sofa.

Yoong sat beside me, "I just don't want something to happen to you, so be honest with me. I won't hurt you! "

"Hah, I honestly know. Never mind I want to sleep tomorrow I will go to school, "I said, and then went into the room.

Yoong just kept quiet then he entered the room. In the room, he began working on his duties as CEO.


My room, Start communicating with other members.

"Thank you for everything, our plan was successful", "I'm glad to hear that, but what about our new members?"

"Deactivate, train them as best as possible especially in their driving and alertness", "We will carry out both the Orchid"

"Talisa, how is Hyun right now"

"He is fine and busy with his work, tomorrow I will accompany him to HS1", "Yes, I know he will be there, "

Then the communication was cut off because Sadera sent me a message.

"I want to meet you, I know you but I don't know who you are at this time. I just want to say thank you directly to you and give your payment in cash ", "Where?"

"What about the red fork? There is a quiet place to meet, "

"I decided!"

"Okay no problem", communication began to break and return to team communication.

"I will meet Sadera, told me where is the good location?"



10:00 a.m., Yoong quietly left the house through the bedroom window. He went somewhere.

I want to go to Sadera to make sure Yoong is asleep. I immediately went to his room. Knocking on the door 3 times and no answer. Immediately I opened the door, but it was loc

he motorcycle tire until I fell. There were no injuries on my body but as a result my bike was badly damaged. Immediately I took off the helmet and held the gun in the right hand. Waiting for the man to come, when he saw the motorbike I immediately opened fire on his motorcycle tire until he fell. I managed to make him fall, but he was fine. He stood up again and tidied his clothes.

"What's your problem with me, sir?"

"Nothing but I have to take you to my lord", "Hah, who is your master?"


"Alex Chan?"

"Do you know him? So come with me! "

"Do you think you just want me? There are many people on the street with the same purpose "

Fights with bare hands took place, it was very difficult for me to knock out the opponent this time. I admit he's great, only he doesn't work for me, and I don't know why Uncle Chan is asking this person to hunt Orchid.

Suddenly I somehow weakened, and kneeled on the ground. At that time I pressed the button to activate all members and the emergency code. I began to unconscious.

Lindsay, who immediately saw the flashing watch on the activation and emergency code immediately knit at high speed leaving Bee. He found the Orchid unconscious and lying on the ground. Lindsay quickly pointed the gun at the man and then shot him.

The man deflected each bullet with a sword, now Lindsay's gun had no bullets. Lindsay fought the man empty-handed. But he also experienced the same thing as Orchid, slowly weakening and fainting.

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