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   Chapter 31 Accident

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A girl comes out with a black coat and her head is covered in a veil, Fena. Then drive a motorcycle and leave. Yoong who saw An leave as soon as he followed. A girl came out of Fena's house after seeing Yoong leave, An.

As soon as I walked in the opposite direction, not far from here Yuan had waited with Al who was carrying my bike. I immediately approached them.

"This is the key!" Said Al giving the key

"Thank you, are you ready to go?"

"Yes, Talisa and others are waiting in position"

"Good!" While wearing a white mask and wearing a helmet, then riding a motorcycle.

"An, shouldn't it involve a new child?"

I did not answer, only saluted Al and Yuan, then left. Yuan and Al followed my departure and they split up.


Meanwhile Fena keeps trying to make Yoong pursue her. A man sees the chase finally catching up. He wears a familiar mask on television news, yes, a white mask. Fena saw in the rearview mirror there were other people who followed her besides Yoong. He also did not expect, he got a shot from an unknown person. Fena tried to get away and Yoong tried to protect herself from behind. Yoong accelerates the motorbike to catch up with An.

A white masked man managed to shoot Fena's motorcycle tire to make Fena fall. He suffered a head injury. Luckily Yoong immediately stopped the motorbike and helped An. Yoong just realized that the girl he helped was not An but Fena, An's best friend. Yoong helped Fena up, but at that moment the masked man wanted to shoot them both.

"Doorrr ..." the gunshot, but not about Yoong and Fena's body in the slightest. The gun in the white masked man's hand fell and his hand was injured. Blood flowed and fell to the ground. Not far from there, I have come. I saw everything, and luckily hurried to throw the knife and hit the bad man's hand.

The white masked man turned towards me, and I rubbed my bike as if to underestimate him. Quickly the masked man turned the motorbike and chased me. I quickly left there and accelerated my bike.

Fena who was rocked by Yoong said "Yoong, I think it's An!"

"Hah, it's impossible. He can't carry a motorbike so fast "

"Well, whoever he is you should help him because he helped us"

"How about you?"

"I'm fine, I'll contact my friends"

Yoong occupies Fena on the street, "Conta

two best friends.

"Sorry, I'm sorry. Because of me, you got hurt "

"It's okay, I'll assume this is a new experience so I can practice again in driving"

"I'm afraid your parents will be angry, forgive me. I'll take you home "

"There is no need for An, they will not be angry."


"Yes because I'm not a spoiled child"

"By the way, did you meet Yoong, right?"

"Yoong saved me, and there was someone in a white coat who also saved both of us. There is someone trying to harm me. So obviously this is not your fault "

"But it's still my fault because this is my plan."

"My father and mother will accept this explanation compared to your plan, An"

Then I went to take my best friend home with Mosa. Mosa's wounded arrival shocked her parents. I did not immediately go home when delivering Fena, I went into the house and sat on the couch, I did not want to let my best friend scolded by his parents for my actions."Fena, why are you? Who did all this? "

"It's just an accident, Mom, I fell off the motorbike because of the bad guy Mom"

"Daddy already told you not to ride a motorcycle"

"Thank you, An, helped Fena"

"Sorry aunt is not me who helped Mosa but Fena and Yoong"

"Thank you Mosa for helping Fena"

"Yes aunt together, Fena is a friend of Mosa aunt"

"Hah, Fena. Daddy doesn't want to be angry with you, but daddy doesn't like you to ride motorbike at night "

"Yes, sir, forgive Fena!"

After feeling everything was fine, me and Mosa went home. I really hope Fena gets well soon.

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