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   Chapter 30 She is a good woman

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After school I found Yoong who was waiting in front of the school gate. He saw me and immediately got off the motorcycle and approached.

"After delivering a girl huh?" I said sarcastically

"Do you know huh? Don't be angry, yeah, I'm just sorry for him "

"No pity for me looking for you since last night and going home alone right?"

Yoong smiles sweetly and instead hugs me tightly, but I try to get away from him. Luckily he didn't chase me.

"Okay, I know you are disappointed. But I don't have any feelings whatsoever with him "

"Who is jealous? What's for jealousy anyway. Oh why do you use uncle's motorbike? Where is your motorcycle? "

"Yes, uncle motorbikes are cool, right!"

"Hem, so what do you want here?"

"Really, really! But it's okay, it's even more beautiful. "

"Heh, I want to go home first!"

"Eh, how come, I came here to pick you up. Come up!"

"Yes yes, go up", I immediately got on the Yoong motorbike. Then we left, went home.


Yoong didn't take me home but went to see Chan at his house. As soon as I met I immediately hugged my uncle tightly.

"How are you, An?" Asked Uncle

"OK, how's your uncle?"

"Good uncle, you and Yoong don't fight?"

"Not", While walking and sitting on the couch.

"Doesn't matter if you stay with him?"

"Hah, how come my uncle knows I live with him?"

"Yes, he was here a few days ago. Yoong, aren't you saying goodbye to An? "

"Uncle, uncle, just forget?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot my uncle. Where are you Hyun? "

"He is busy at work and will come here too. Uncle heard HS5 there was a bomb that exploded huh? What about your friend, An? Are they okay? "

"Yes uncle, they all survived"

"Thank God, uncle wants Yoong to take care of you. Yoong, are you referring to guarding An? "

"Yes, uncle, I would be very happy to look after An, " he smiled.

"But uncle, I'm fine so Yoong doesn't need to look after me"

"Why so? You guys will soon be ... "

I stopped saying uncle, "Uncle stop! I don't want to hear it "

"But that's true right?"

"Yeah yeah right, but I want to finish my school first. If I continue to be disturbed, I can't con

a Fena arrived, she knocked on the door and entered.

"Fena, you got word from school that you will go to HS1 tomorrow as usual"

"Then what will we learn about Ma?"

"It's said on the lawn and there are special guests too"


"He said Chan, Hyun and Yoong"

"Hah? Really Ma? "

"Really, mom wants you to be close to Yoong. Like before, mom wants to match you with Yoong! "

"Mama! I know that if Yoong is the CEO, it won't be possible to be with girls like me. "

A small debate between mama and child happened, while I just smiled sweetly. Mama Fena left by insisting on pairing Yoong with Fena. Fena just kept quiet seeing her mother's behavior.

"An, are you okay if my mom is like that?"

"Yes, it's okay, it's only natural, then."

"What is normal? I know that you and Yoong invented "

"Where did it come from? Me and Yoong ... why do you discuss him here! I come here to discuss the others, you know? "

"Discuss what?"

Walk to the window and make sure Yoong is gone.

"Uh, thank God he's gone. Fena, I'm leaving first! "

"Where are you going? He said he wanted to discuss "

"Going on a motorcycle, want to come? I want to go around the city tonight but I know if Yoong is there he'll never let me know "

"Yoong, huh? Isn't it good? "

"Do you think it's good huh? Hah, can I ask for your help? "


Start whispering in Fena's ears, and Fena nods her head in agreement.

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