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   Chapter 29 Can't be jealous

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A short message has been received by the police, a shocking message. All police began to be given command to secure all those who were on HS5. Bee and two colleagues got this assignment.

The road began to hear the sound of a police car on duty, everyone began to wonder where they were going. They stopped at HS5. A detective starts to meet with the principal, while the others are looking for a bomb.

As soon as the principal gets an explanation, the principal starts to make an announcement. Recognition that can be heard by everyone in this school. Everyone is asked to gather in the front page.

Everyone began to rush to the front yard, they carried bags and valuables. They were all shocked because there were police and tracking dogs at the school. The principal explained the purpose of their visit and all students were asked to calm down.

Some police began to carry out their duties. The police began tracing each road and room to be examined with the help of a sniffer dog. Before they found the bomb, suddenly an explosion occurred on the 2nd floor of the library. Big explosion and destroying buildings. Everyone was shocked and began to panic, but the principal still tried to calm them all down. Everyone was asked to leave the school area for security.

The explosion again happened in the hallway, this time the blast injured 3 policemen. The bomb exploded in another room that killed 5 policemen. All in a state of chaos and panic. People began arriving because they heard the sound of this bomb blast. Journalists immediately cover the news. This news was quickly heard by everyone in this city.

The other side, when the police station is empty and heading for HS5. Masked criminals began to take action, they released one prisoner namely their captured friend. After being free they go somewhere.


Yoong who heard this news immediately went to HS5 to see the condition of all students. He left with Uncle Chan's motor sport. Yoong was shocked to see the destruction of the HS5 school.

Yora who saw Yoong came as soon as she approached.

"Yoong, what are you doing here?"

"Yora, yes I came because I was worried about you. You are okay, right?"

Yora was happy to hear Yoong's words, she was

uh huh! What do i think So what?"

"Are you not jealous?"

"Jealous? What for?"

"Yes you are close to Yoong and why aren't you jealous!"

"Duh you don't know that I live with him every day so why are you jealous"

"Hah you are at home!"


"Yes, if you don't believe, please stop by the house!"

"Okay, I'm curious about you. How come you can live at home with Yoong? What is the story? "

"Yes Yoong want to stay in my house because I want to look after me"

"Seriously? I want to be taken care of by handsome people. "

"Smile love"

"Yeah, okay I want to go to class first. Eh how are you guys? Alright right? I'm worried about you "

"Yes we are fine"

"See you later!"


The teacher came and we greeted.

"I hope all of you are calm, tomorrow we will hold HS5 joint study. As you all know the news today about HS5. So today we will set up tents to arrange chairs for them in the field. So we will fight together and after you are done, you can go home. Alright, let's go on spaciousness "

We rushed to the field with a bag and a broom to clean the field. Before carrying out the task we were given an instruction that we did not need to lift the table and chair but only cleaned the school yard and the man helped set up the tent.

When this cleaning assignment I met Guhan, he helped set up a tent with enthusiasm with friends. Arrived-arrived on the cellphone, I again received a message from Mr. Sadera. He again asked for help.

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