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   Chapter 28 let's take action, orchid! part 2

Bride Of CEO Mafia By Anita Characters: 8094

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After helping Yuan to propose to my lover, I immediately left, so I left this studio because someone was waiting for my arrival not far from here. Yes, I when the program Sadera sent a message I sent a message to Al to send my motorcycle here. As soon as I meet him.

"This is the key, do you want us to watch you on the road?"

"No, thank you for bringing me here."

"Yes, no need to thank. We have trained Orchid so far, all is well, "

"Hem, thank you but ..." as he turned his coat to white and began to tie his hair into one and then put on a white mask, then climbed onto the motorcycle, wearing a helmet and turning on the engine. "Go home with your family!"

Al just smiled sweetly, then I left driving this black sport motorbike at high speed around the city.


Bee and two of his colleagues rushed to the task of arresting three criminals. Yora and Yoong left. Yoong left Yora on the road and reasoned there was an important matter. Yora allowed Yoong to leave.

Bee and two of his colleagues left their homes. Then gather by riding a motorcycle. They are ready to get the next news to chase 3 criminals on the streets.

At 11:00 a night an act of theft had taken place at a jewelery shop. The police immediately came to the location and conducted a search for the perpetrators. But this time they all faced a great villain on the road. Their actions must make the police stand by on the road. Yes, not only speeding on the streets but also bombarding bombs or even riding police. Accidents occur during the chase.

Never worked, I worked not only with a few policemen but someone. One of them was a man who rode a black motorbike with almost the same appearance as me except he was black and there was a sword behind him. Then some of the policemen I can guess at are Lindsay, Bee and his partner.

The last chase for the police by car. Now there are only us who ride motorbikes. When three criminals began to scatter, we split up. I'm with a person wearing black clothes, and Lindsay. We stopped when we chased after we stopped on a quiet road. The masked villain stopped right in front of us, then he threw a knife, almost about me.

Masked criminals belittle us by thumbing down. Then smog appeared, smoke that could make us faint. Lindsay fainted first. In this opportunity the masked criminal escaped, but I heard the sound of his motorbike leaving the place immediately out of the sm

all of you. You will be activated if you get the next command. I send a package to your home. Have a nice day! "

They began to store the cellphone in a pocket, then walked towards the classroom.

"Do you think we will get our first assignment quickly?"

"Yes, I think so, but before we are activated, why don't we become heroes for our own friends!"

"Are you sure? Hah, just fighting a rich kid is arrogant.

"Oh dear, don't discuss the kid. After all, he is ... "

The child in question walked in the middle of them both to make Fena and Mosa move away. Yora's behavior and her two best friends upset Fena and Mosa.

"I don't say what!"

"Em, never mind. Just see what we can do to repay this child later, "

"Hah, let's just see it!"

Then they proceeded towards the classroom.

As the bell rang and the lesson began, two cars came to deliver packages for school. Out of the two cars, 5 people came out. Three people delivered a package to the teacher's room and the principal, while 2 people took the package to another room. They give information to each other.

The two men carried three packages, then split into another quiet room. Then they dismantled the floor and walls. They hide something there. They also hid the item in a large flower pot. Two people were in the teacher's room, and one person in the principal's office was informed of two his friend immediately said goodbye to leave. They all met again in the parking lot, then left without suspicion.

In the course of the two cars, one of the cars gave someone's head information.

"It's installed, everything is OK!"

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