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   Chapter 27 let's take action, orchid!

Bride Of CEO Mafia By Anita Characters: 7729

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They immediately rushed to carry out the order.

I just smiled when Fena and Mosa went to carry out the order. As soon as they all left Yuan approached me, sat down on the side and said "Why don't you tell them that you are ...", I immediately cut Yuan's words, "No, this is not the time. They are not yet fully active! "

"Why don't you activate me who has worked for you for a long time in this city? Finally you only activate me when you come to this city asking to be escorted "

"Yes, I know which one to do. Your speed in driving is great, that's what makes me defend you. Do you have other skills so that I place you in an active position? "

"I got an invitation to try to race on a racing studio, are you coming for me?"

"No, I'm not coming. At that time you are no longer my member, and you are outside the Orchid area so I am no longer your boss! "

"Hey, actually I want to build a small family with a woman. But I was afraid to propose to her, but I thought that by racing in the racing studio she would accept my proposal. What do you think?"

"I'll come for you, so who is that girl?"

"Really? thanks. The girl's name is Verinda, she's the simple girl I knew a few years ago. "

"Yes I will come and still promise to look after the Orchid"

"Certain! I want you to come to the studio at 8:00 a.m. I will wait for you in front "

"Yes, I will come for the man who has worked hard at me"

Yuan looked very happy because he would propose to his idol girl tonight, with the help of his boss. He hopes An will help him tonight.

A few minutes later friends returned. First came Felix, Kim and Kaori. Then followed by other friends and finally Fena and Mosa. Yuan gave them a break for a few minutes and then returned to training to make the fastest road strategy to this place by crossing Borneo restaurants, HS1 and HS5.


I came home at 5pm, my arrival was awaited by Yoong. He looked a little annoyed, but fortunately I was escorted by Fena at that time until Yoong didn't look so upset. Close the door and walk to the room.

"Where have you been? This afternoon just arrived, what school is going on? "

"Yes, I can take a walk, right? Where have you been today? "

"Yes there are!"

"It's the secrets!"

"I went to Uncle Chan's house!"

"Did you meet?"

that Bee was writing an information on a paper that Yoong couldn't see. Young stood up and took a tissue and then leaned closer to Angel, wiped Angel's mouth and stood up and saw the information Bee received. After that, sit back Yoong sat down. Angel was very happy because he was so cared for by Yoong tonight. Angel also feels Yoong likes him.


Racing study, After the race match, we all stood up and clapped our hands. The match was won by a man who did not want to let go of his helmet. A jury starts asking tonight's winner to stand in the small room. The man got on the bridge, and we all started clapping again. The jury starts asking the man to take off his helmet. Once released, Verinda was shocked. He did not expect if the man who won the race was Yuan, his lover. A beautiful woman immediately pulled the curtain behind Yuan, the curtain read "Will you marry me?".

Verinda was even more surprised, she was very happy to mix happily. Yuan immediately knelt down and showed their wedding ring. The bright lights shone towards Verinda. Verinda was asked by the jury to come here. I accompanied him there, he looked happy. He accelerated his steps and hugged Yuan tightly. He accepted Yuan's proposal. Yuan wore a ring on Verinda's ring finger and all the spectators clapped and congratulated the couple.

Verinda didn't think she would be applied for tonight, she was very happy. But strangely I haven't seen Yoong since. I began to suspect that he had left me here and pursued his duties as a CEO or met Uncle Chan.

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