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   Chapter 26 The secret of a friend

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Bee got another assignment to help the police arrest three perpetrators. Bee also got a new partner, Deza. He began to be tasked with observing the city and finding out the whereabouts of the three warriors robbing again. Deza and Bee leave in an ordinary car. On their way suddenly Bee's cellphone trembled to receive a message.

"Bee, I arrived at the airport, don't forget to pick me up!", The message was sent by Lindsay. So they quickly turned towards the airport.

At Bee and Deza airports waiting for Lindsay to arrive, a few minutes later a beautiful woman was seen carrying a bag. Bee who saw it immediately waved his hand, yes it was Lindsay. Lindsay approached Bee who waved his hand. Then they went while talking.

"I thought you wouldn't pick me up, Bee!" Said Lindsay

"Ah no, you told me earlier so why did I forget to pick you up. Oya, introduce this to my new partner, Deza! "

"Deza" said Deza introducing herself.

Lindsay shook Deza's hand, "Lindsay Bee's office partner"

"So Bee, where do you live?"

"Apartment, I will help with Deza's assignment so you can look around this city alone then I will pick up if you want to go home"

"Ah no need, just pick up here I'm happy. I will meet someone so I think a car has also picked me up "

"So you didn't help my assignment here?"

"Helpful but in my way!"

"Yes alright"

In front of the exit, a woman began to approach Lindsay. Well-dressed women, growing tall together with Lindsay, beautiful and long black haired.

"Lindsay, how are you?"

"Good, how about you?"

"Yes as usual!"

"Okay Bee, I have to go first. See you Bee, I'll send you a message later


Then Lindsay and the woman got into the car, then left Bee and Deza.

"You have a pretty partner, Bee?"

"Yes, that is so"

"How about you?"

"The last time my colleague resigned!"


"They say my work is not good and my colleague has been promoted before me"

"Heh, this time you will definitely make a good action right?"

"Yes of course, I really want to prove that I'm also good"

"Yes, so get ready to air on the streets at high speed."

"Hah, with the car not airing Bee"

"With Deza's motorbike!"

Then Bee and Deza returned to duty.


Yoong went to meet Chan who had arrived in this city. Chan lives in an apartment. Chan opened the door himself when someone knocked on the door from outside. That person is Yoong. Chan immediately invited him in.

"Why do you come back again, uncle? Doesn't my uncle trust me? "

"No, I sent you a message because I want you to come here"

"Yes I have come"

"I want you to look after An, you go to school at HS1. A

lesson. Yuan seemed nervous about chasing a new child in front of me. I felt that for him.

"Well, today's lesson is how to surround the target on the trip. The target is trying to escape so we have to find a way to hinder his journey. All of this is related to the speed we have. Yesterday Sen gave you lessons about shooting not and now you have to combine shooting and driving well. Today you will practice it again. Any question?"

Kaori starts to raise her hand up, "Yes, please!"

"Mr. Yuan ..."

"Yuan only!"

"Yuan, yesterday we asked about Orchid. Can we know more about it? We haven't got the right answer yet "

Somehow Yuan turned towards me, I also heard Kaori's question clearly. The eyes of friends also indicate the curiosity of who Orchid is. Yuan just kept quiet, he turned back to me.

Then Yuan said "We just started our practice today. We work not only in technology, we make changes such as adding and reducing or even creating new things. Maybe among you there are those who like creating new technology. So when you are active you will be given a very valuable position. Okay, we go to the front page. I want you to show the speed of your driving. I want you to leave from here to Borneo restaurants, HS1 and HS5 then come back here. Who is the fastest he is the best. But I suggest you also be careful on the road, whether it's how you drive until you arrive at this place again. Understand?"

"Understood, Yuan!"

They immediately rushed to carry out the order.

I just smiled when Fena and Mosa went to carry out the order. As soon as they all left Yuan approached me, sat down on the side and said "Why don't you tell them that you are ...", I immediately cut Yuan's words, "No, this is not the time. They are not yet fully active! "

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