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   Chapter 25 Looking for wild lions

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Chapter 25

Arriving at HS1, the school parking area. It was never unexpected that our arrival would have been waiting for other friends. At first I thought Kim would get into trouble because Felix and his friends were waiting in the parking area but apparently not. As soon as he got off the motorbike and put his helmet on, Kim immediately approached Felix and shook hands with friendship. I also approached them with a smile.

Felix smiled and said, "An, how are you? Where's your Motorm come with Kim? "

"Yes Fel, my bike is broken. So I invite Kim "

"I see, next time don't come to Kim huh?"


"You don't know Kim?"

"Why is Kim why?"

"Nothing!" Felix answered with a small laugh

" What's the matter? You two don't fight anymore? "

"Yes no, we've been friends, " Kim replied

"Em, then see you again later. I'm going to class first, huh! "


Walk to the classroom and meet Guhan.

"Hay Guhan!"

"Eh, are you Anita right? How come it's here! "

"Yes, I changed schools. How are you, Han? "


"Are you still being bullied by Kim?"

"Ah no, Kim apologized to me as well as his friends"

"Yes it's good if so. What class are you Han? "

"Guhan isn't Han!"

"Yes, okay, Guhan, what class are you in?"

"3D "

"Oh, we deserve never to meet"

"What class are you in?"


"One class with Kim and Felix huh? How does it feel!"


"Hem, I think you will be very happy like other girls close to them"

"Huh, no, there are many girls here who like Felix and Kim, huh?"

"Yes, they are good at fighting and smart too"

"Just that?"

"Good at fighting, good, smart, caring and handsome, perfect!"

"Huh, is that so! I'm going to class first, see you, Guhan! "

"See you later "

On the road turned me and Guhan parted ways.


School parking area, gang hangout Felix and Kim.

"Last night I got a message from Kaori. He said they would find out about Orchid. Are you coming? "Said Felix

"I'm not coming!" Kim replied

"Yes, we also " replied Kim's friends

"Why?" Felix asked

"Yes, we don't want it."

"Alright, me and the others come to find out about Orchid, " Felix answered.

"Hem, let's go to class first Felix!" Said Kim, as soon as Kim left Kim's friends also followed him from behind. They did not go to class but to the school balcony.


Kim approached the building barrier and saw the view from here. From the balcony, he c

d write a message, then stand towards Kim's desk. Put the paper under the drink. Then go outside looking for a place to relax.

Gang Felix and Kim walk towards the locker. At the locker they change clothes. They always found things as usual. Red roses, letters and drinks. After changing clothes Kim and Felix read letters from fans. They both did not respond to the letters, they also let the drink be drunk by friends.

"Fel, I'm going to class first, huh!"

"Okay, let's go to the canteen right ?"


Arriving in class, Kim found mineral water on his desk and letter.

"I think it's too late to give you this but I'll still give it to you. Remove or drink? "

Kim smiled sweetly, "Is this definitely from you, huh? Thank you and I will drink it for you. "


Bee came to the police station after repairing his car. He received a welcome from the boss. Bee was asked to go to the boss's room.

"Good afternoon!"

"Afternoon, please sit Bee!"

Bee sat in a chair and watched the items on the table

"Do you know why I asked you to come here?"


"I want you to help me finish the special and I know you got the assignment but maybe he will also meet you with your assignment later"

"I accept it so what's the job?"

"In the past few days our city has been in serious trouble, we lost track and got raved by the community. This city is like no secure. There are a number of shops that have been ramped up and even banks. This robbery was carried out by three masked people. They confuse us and act on the streets. Their speed is driving and they don't like playing games. You know they are armed

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