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   Chapter 24 Colleagues, spies

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Chapter 24

Inn Bee, Bee began to realize that he had followed someone, he felt he was being watched from this apartment. On the other side of the apartment is an apartment, he feels that the person is there. Bee tried to communicate with Lindsay with a little distraction.

"Lindsay, it's me Bee. Do you have informants in this city? I find it very difficult to find an Orchid. I met the barman who said the Orchid wasn't there, "

"Sorry Bee, I don't have one. My job is always in this office and rarely take a walk like you. Have you heard that Adeon is dead? ", "Not yet!"

"He died of an apple boom"

"The apple boom ... well I'll investigate too. Good night Lindsay "

"Bee Night"

The call was cut off and Bee went to sleep. He was really tired today and hopes tomorrow there will be instructions about Orchid for him.


Yora came home with her two best friends, on the way home Yora blabbered.

"Hah, resentful! Sebel, why isn't Yoong sitting next to me? Hah, where did he choose An from me earlier? "

"Hah, never mind so. Maybe the ticket runs out so it doesn't sit next to it and maybe Yoong is one house with An "

"Still? Yoong it's CEO must have houses and apartments Dech why the poor girl to live with that? "

"Yes, maybe maybe An is Yoong's maid!" Yora's best friend guessed

"Hem is really what you say, tomorrow I will find out who An and his relationship with Yoong. Should!"

Yora's two best friends were silent, they both knew very well about Yora's nature. Manja and want everything that is asked to be fulfilled, yes that's Yora's nature.


The car stopped at a large stately home, there are several house maids there was waiting and opened the door for Jorah. Yora entered and walked to the living room. His arrival turned out to have been awaited by his parents. Yora sat on the couch and saw her mother's father.

"Yora dear, where have you been? These nights just arrived! "Mama asked

"Sorry Ma, I just watched in the cinema with Yoong!"

Hearing that angry mama Yora's face became happy, "Is that true? Good, finally my mama's son understands also the cwok that he must get in this world "

"Hah, mama. Mom knows no Yoong bought tickets to watch horror films instead of sitting next to each other instead of different chairs. Bummer Ma! "

"Hah, then you give up like that?"

"Yes baseball was Ma, was also he instead pulled his hand and ninggalin An I so wrote. Yora became curious about Ma and An. He seems close to Yoong! "

"An? Who is she? Yoong Girlfriend? "

"I don't know Ma, but what Yora knows is a poor child but he is close to Yoong"

"Hem could have been the boy's maid Yoong. Yoong i

's go !"

"Okay, this used the helmet first, " Kim said while giving the helmet and I put it on. Then we went to school together.


On the way Yoong met Yora who left for school. He stopped the car and called Yoong.


Yoong's steps stopped when he saw Yora calling him, "Eh Yora, good morning?"

"Morning, where are you going?"

"Want to take a walk for a while!"

"Eh, I want to take you to the park? There are many who walk in the morning! "

"No, I'm just walking alone. You want to go to school right? Come on, let's not be late, "Yoong answered then continued his journey.

Yora just kept quiet, but she was happy because Yoong had just given him a little attention. Yora continued her journey to school.


Bee had got up from his bed, now he was outside and doing his job looking for Orchid. Bee was a police officer who was feared and feared by some of the criminals he had arrested. But in this city he did not find that look of fear. Bee took his car to the garage to repair the windshield which was broken by a bullet.

In the workshop Bee waited for the car to be repaired. Bee not only repaired the windshield but also checked the car's engine. While waiting for Bee to see and pay attention to the behavior of three young men. Their hair is light brown or blonde. The three of them seemed to talk about the game. Bee smiled because he used to love a game in his life.

A few minutes later Bee got a message from Lindsay, "Hay Bee, are you awake? I 'll be there to see you. I'm on my way ", "Are you at the airport? Did you get a discharge of duties here? "

"I think you will have trouble finding Orchid so I will help you"

"I will pick you up after you arrive at the airport"

"Okay, see you again"

* Lindsay is a woman

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