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   Chapter 20 The householder, handsome man

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Chapter 20

Kim who just arrived in Malvado City immediately went to HS 1 to enroll in school. He hopes that An is pleased with his arrival. Yoong admitted that he was not an easy man to say to a girl, he was also a man far from An and sometimes had a busy life as a CEO but he kept trying to get love from the girl who had been his friend for years, a childhood friend.

But Yoong was confused by An, "Why did An choose to be a student? While he has had education to university? Did he do it because he did not have a formal school diploma or Lisa who registered An's school wrongly? But why An still want if wrong? "Guman Yoong.


Hours to go home from school, go hand in hand with Kim. Then wait Kim complaining a Refresh motorcycle from the parking area.

"Come up! ", I immediately got on Kim's motorbike and left. At the same time Yoong just came out of the principal's room. Yoong's arrival made a scene like that h. While Felix and his friends began to leave. Yoong received many greetings from girls but he did not find An. Yoong went from there to An's house.

The trip home with Kim, holding tight to Kim's body. Kim drove me home. But for some reason I even remembered Yoong, a man who was cold but often late.

Once arrived at the front of the house, I immediately went down.

"An, I just remembered the program later in the evening so I'm sorry today I canceled our plan to take a walk", Smiling sweetly, "Yes it's okay, I want you to be passionate about your days! I'm glad to see you again, Kim ", "Yes, me too, later tonight I will chat you! ", "Yes, I will wait for a message from you. Are you careful on the road huh? ", "Yes, I'll see you tomorrow! ", "See you later", Kim left, I saw his departure from here. He is a good child in my opinion, although I would suspect he would not ever get along with Felix. Suddenly I saw Yoong's private car. He headed here, I thought he was at Alex's parent company with Hyun but apparently he came here.

Yoong got out of the car, with a sweet smile he approached and said "Good afternoon good! Miss me? ", "Hah, no! What are you here for? Isn't the CEO busy working? ", "Yes, of course it's busy but there's nothing wrong if I'm close to you right? ", "Yes, nothing, is Hyun here too? ", "Not that he is busy at work, my father helps with his work so I come here to go to school", "High school? ", "No, I'm going to college! ", "In this city? Seriously. Do you think you also want to go to HS 1? Why? ", "I think there's nothing wrong with being close to you, why on your own at HS1? Aren't you supposed to not be there? ", "That's because Lisa mistakenly enrolled me in school, she didn't know. So I had to accept it, whether I wanted it or not, I had to continue my education. I think formal school is fun, "

Yoong's personal driver took out several suitcases from the car and erupted them near Yoong.

"You will stay with me huh? ", "Em, can I right? ", "Hah well, but what do others say later? You know that jealousy can damage someone's relationship ", "I will not be jealous, and you also should not be jealous of me! ", " Hah gosh! Alright, come in, your room is facing my room.

"This house is nice, clean! ", Yoong's personal driver took the suitcase to Yoong's room while Yoong looked at this house. Then the private driver said goodbye to Yoong.

"Young master, excuse me first! ", "Yes, please, if you ask Yoong where. Just answer Yoong, stay with An! ", His smile

"Good young master! ", The private driver left.

Yoong went into the room and tidied up his room.


* Anita

Sitting at the study table saw my picture with Yoong a few years ago, our childhood photos.

"I really miss you but I'm not sure about having you, " I smiled.

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door, immediately I opened and saw Yoong waiting.

"I am hungry! You're not hungry? Is there food here? ", "Geez, it's in the kitchen. I'm hungry too, we cook together huh? ", "Yes! ", Yoong and I go to the kitchen. We started cooking together. At this time I missed the figure of a mother, I lost it but not with sincere affection for me.

Yo ong who saw An daydream waving his hand in front of An.

"An, An ?!" Said Yoong, I was immediately stunned from reverie, and smiled and then continued to mix vegetables.

"Are you daydreaming? What do you think? ", "No, I'm not thinking about anything."

"If there's a problem, just tell me, I'll help you! ", "There is no problem Yoong, I just thought of my mother alone", "I can invite you to meet your mother now! ", "But I don't want to leave this city, this city is safe for me! ", "Do you mean? ", "Yes, I mean, I am free from the disruption of office work that is sometimes boring", "We're going to take a walk tonight? ", "Where? ", "To an interesting place! Do you want to? ", "Yes you can, but don't be late huh? ", Yoong chuckled, "I'm just one house with you so it can't be too late!"

I smile sweetly at him, sometimes I like to have a male friend who is attentive even though he likes to be late and busy with his job as a CEO.


As promised, they will meet at Jalan Merpati Tulip Resident Residence number 10 at 04.00 in the afternoon. All of them had come but were confused because the place was not a house or even a building but rather a field. They all gathered and waited for Talisa to come.

"It ngak one of ya? Where

Mereka semua berkumpul dan menunggu Talisa datang.

"Ini ngak salah nih? Mana rumahnya?", "Ya begitulah, alamatnya benar kok!", "Hah, menunggu disini panas tau! Mana aku harus", "He, sorry aku ngebutan tadi jadi ngak sempat beli", "Kim, kamu punya minum ngak?, "tanya Sha

"Ada nih, mau?", "Iya!", "Beli dong!", "He, ngak sempat ini udah jam empat mana sempat buat beli minum, mana jauh lagi dari penjual minuman", "Ya udah nih ambil, " Kim memberikan minuman pada Sha.

Dua geng sibuk bicara masing-masing sementara Fena dan Mosa men-chat grup An.

"Hey, gimana sekolahmu? Beda ngak sih sama HS5?", "Ya lumayan, kalian dimana sekarang?", "Lagi dirumah!, "bohong Fena

"Oh begitu ya! Kalian ngak dijahili lagi kan?", "Apanya yang ngak? Parah tau!", "Parah apa?", "Ya begitu, eh tapi ngomong-ngomong kamu sama Yoong gimana?, "tanya Mosa

"Yoong? Enggak tau!, "jawabku berbohong

"Oh begitu, duh…coba aja Yoong sekarang satu kelas dengan kami pasti Yora enggak menjahili kami lagi", "Masa sih gitu?", "Iya, kamu ngak tau atau gimana? Yora itu suka sama Yoong, di sekolah ia suka banget pamerin kedekatan Yoong dengannya tau ngak?", "Enggak, kan kita ngak satu sekolah!", "…kacang rasa kulit!", Chat terhenti seketika Talisa datang dengan mobil pribadinya, ia cepat menghampiri orang yang telah menunggunya. Sambil tersenyum Talisa berucap "Terima kasih telah datang, kalian semua telah berkumpul?", "Ya sudah!, "jawab mereka serentak

"Aku sengaja mengajak kalian datang kemari, lahan kosong ini cukup baik untuk melihat kemampuan kalian. Disini orang-orang jarang melintas karna tempat ini terpojok. Baiklah aku ingin kalian yang menunjukan kemampuan kalian padaku. Untuk menghemat waktu, sebutkan kemampuan kalian padaku!", "Namaku Sha. Aku belajar menembak dan juga bela diri, menyukai balap liar. Aku ingin menjadi agent", "Namaku Kazame. Aku bisa bela diri samurai, balapan juga. Aku ingin menjadi bodyguard. Kupikir melindungi seseorang itu pekerjaan menarik dan menantang", "Namaku Andy. A ku suka membaca, balapan, teknologi. Tapi beberapa hari ini aku belajar menembak dan memanah", "Namaku Kim. Aku bisa bela diri, balapan. Aku ingin menjadi agent", "Namaku Felix, ingin menjadi agent"

"Namaku Sabastian, aku bisa memperbaiki moto dan menyukai dunia otomotif dan aku ingin menjadi agent", "Namaku Kay. Aku bisa bela diri, aku ingin menjadi agent", "Namaku Won. Aku suka balapan, kecepatan adalah yang terbaik. Bela diri", "Namaku Fena. Aku perentas, dan pernah membantu temanku merentas sesuatu", "Namaku Mosa. Aku perentas, dan kami berdua memang begitu", " Namaku Kaori. Aku ingin menjadi agent", "Namaku Deren, aku ingin menjadi agent", "Namaku Richard, aku ingin menjadi agent", "Namaku Samuel, aku ingin menjadi anget", "Baiklah perkenalan cukup. Namaku Talisa, aku asisten Orchid. Kalian semua harus rahasiakan itu semua jika tidak mau dalam masalah. Aku tidak akan memberi tes pada kalian semua hari ini. Tapi kalian semua akan mendapatkan tempat pelatihan masing-masing. Sebenarnya Orchid tidak disini tetapi di kota lain, tetapi kami tidak begitu. Kami baru saja membuka bagunan rahasia. Ayo semua ikuti aku!, "ucap Talisa masuk ke mobil dan pergi.


Sisi lain, chat grup terhenti antara aku, Fena dan Mosa. Aku yang berada di ruang tamu ini memperhatikan Yoong yang berada di luar. Dirinya tentu membuat para gadis berhenti untuk memperhatikan pria tampan itu berada disini. Yoong yang melihat gadis-gadis memperhatikan dirinya hanya tersenyum manis dan menyapa mereka. Aku yang memperhatikan tingkah ramah Yoong pada para gadis hanya tersenyum.

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