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   Chapter 19 Chasing love or being chased by love

Bride Of CEO Mafia By Anita Characters: 8335

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On a sunny morning, Bee departed with several colleagues to the City of Desleysia. While Yoong went to school and took care of the school transfer letter to Malvado City.


A sunny day and unexpected events today. Right at 11:00 a.m., Red was arrested by the police and taken to the office without resistance. Only he was found at home, and the house was also given a police cross line.

On the other hand, Adeon has also been investigated. Many of the questions he had to answer ended in involving Pang. Pang was arrested and taken to the office. There is no resistance in this arrest. These two people underwent an investigation in a different room.

Pang chose to call his lawyer while Adeon tried to cover up what had happened. Finally, Adeon involves Orchid.

"I'm just a subordinate, my master asked me to sell the children to Pang. Orchid, living in Malvado City, "

"Is he a mafia? Street criminals? "

"Yes, that's how it is, it is famous among criminals as Orchid", Soon the police conducted an investigation and looked for a man named Orchid.


The city of Desleysia, the police station where Red is under investigation.

"I bought the kids from the black market, I saw them. I think it's time for me to do good. I buy them, treat them as their right. I sent them back home. But in the middle of the trip, my men were attacked by unknown people. Now where are the children? "

Some men who watched them both from the glass window gave a sign to tell the whereabouts of the children because what Red said was the same as the children's recognition.

"He is safe now!"

"Who is the culprit? Who sold them again! ", Red was annoyed and almost hit the table in front of him, " Sorry, I'm sorry! I am emotional because of their loss. They are innocent, "

"Yes I understand you, Adeon involved you in all this. So what is your relationship with Adeon? He said you were his boss, is that right? "

"Yes he is indeed my subordinate, he is my informant. But he is a double agent, he works for Orchid, "

"But Adeon confessed that he was Orchid's man!"

"He's a double agent! Ask Adeon how she became Orchid's subordinate if she did not know the appearance of her own master? Strange secret meeting! "


Chan who heard the arrest of his friend, Red. Immediately go to the police station to help free the friend. Red information that is deemed necessary by the police regarding Orchid.

Now the police are continuing to investigate Orchid, only th


"That's for you!", After that Kim returned to meet An.

"Kim, don't look at me with a face like that. Come on smile! "

Kim smiled, "Do you know why I don't drink your gift?"

Kim shook her head, "You're the man who likes a lot of women here, so I think I have to respect other women. But we make it the way? "

"Of course why not!", "We're classy, ??let's go!"

I pulled Kim's hand together to go to class because the bell rang. I let go of Kim's hand after being in front of the class and then sat in a chair. Some girls, my classmates looked at Anita.

"Hah, the girl tried to grab Kim from us. Hah, even though I've been chasing after Kim's love for a long time! Why isn't it sensitive too? "

"Looks like you need to be taught a lesson?"

"What lesson? Mathematics!", "Hah, I mean to give him ... eh it's hard to explain!", "Just like that, I don't know, it's worthy of being single!"

"You are too stupid!"


Then Felix entered the classroom which soon the teacher came to give us a lesson.


Yoong who just arrived in Malvado City immediately went to HS 1 to enroll in school. He hopes that An is pleased with his arrival. Yoong admitted that he was not an easy man to say to a girl, he was also a man far from An and sometimes had a busy life as a CEO but he kept trying to get love from the girl who had been his friend for years, a childhood friend.

But Yoong was confused by An, "Why did An choose to be a student? While he has had education to university? Did he do it because he did not have a formal school diploma or Lisa who registered An's school wrongly? But why does An still want to be wrong?

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