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   Chapter 18 New house and secret mission

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This simple house I put myself in dream of Orchid returning in a simple way. I will have long nights alone.


Chan goes to see Red, they are both old friends. At Red's house, Chan was welcomed.

"So Chan will retire? If I become you, of course I can't Chan. I worry about my family, "

"Red, I have no choice. I want to live a normal life without being bound by anything else. I promised my brother to look after two nieces, "

"Yes, I think it's good. If only I could, I would definitely follow in your steps ", "I'm sure you can, what can't you do Red?"

"There is one, he is named Adeon. He's a double agent, works for me and Orchid. I hear Orchid is led by a man. The aim of the man is to crush, he is not like a police officer or even a mafia. He sells information immediately, throwing anyone in jail. What I'm afraid of is that he will also throw me in jail, "

"Hah, Orchid? I just found out. How does that guy look? '

"I don't know, that person leads like an organization. But I heard he was led by Alex Co., ", "Hah that's impossible, my sister company has nothing like that", "But that's true, Adeon said that to me. He also still works for Orchid until now! "

"How does he work? Is there a place? "

"No, they often hold meetings somewhere", "Are you paying for your informant? Or do you get a threat from him until it is difficult to get out of your current life? "

"A threat? Hahha ... nothing. But I ask someone else to get rid of Orchid. When we deliver goods, Orchid seizes our goods on the way. There were many of them who I thought they were formed as soon as the organization. But for some reason when it happened, we lost track of even Adelion. He could not give us information where the children we sent to his parents disappeared. That's strange, they are numerous, there are 100 children. I bought them all in a place that shouldn't even get rid of the boss, I just want them to be free. Now I feel guilty, "

"Do you do that? Why not ask for my help to monitor their delivery back home? "

"At that time I was unthinkable, I hoped for Adeon to watch over them", "Then they all disappeared?"

"Yes even, their tracks are not found anymore. Nobody knows where they are? "

"Hah, this is bad! They could be killed and sold. Geez, we must immediately fin

cleared everything. Adeon and Pang's men were killed and captured. Then the children were taken to a safe place where they would all stay in a shelter.


While Adeon was rewarded for his actions, he was severely beaten by a police officer because he did not want to open his mouth for his actions. The investigation continued tomorrow and Adeon was put in prison.

While in prison Adeon must find a way so he can be free from punishment or get a light sentence.


In the victim's protection house, the children were treated and the police conducted data collection on themselves. The children's admission shocked the police, all of whom witnessed concern over what happened to the children.

One of the children said he had been kidnapped and sold to a mafia. He and his friends had bought the mafia. They also meet and eat together with their buyers. The person also promised to return them to the family but on their way back they were kidnapped and sold.

Because they recognized the faces of the people who bought them and promised them to be stepped up, the police finally decided to sketch based on the children 's demeanor in what the person looked like.

Finally, Bee got an answer from the sketch. The people who have bought them all are Red. Yoong also saw a sketch of the person who had bought the children, Red.

"Do you know that guy Bee?"

"Yes, he was in the record. He is a mafia, and he is not in this city. We must plan his arrest. Because if not he will easily escape. City of Desleysia! "

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