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   Chapter 17 Betrayal of an Orchid agent

Bride Of CEO Mafia By Anita Characters: 8022

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An Orchid agent has committed betrayal, he has allied himself with another mafia to bring down Chan with Alex's company. He also always slipped crime in Chan's name even the leader of the Orchid.

Adeon, a 32-year-old man who has worked for Orchid for a long time in secret and has had a lot of work done. Adeon is a double agent. He works for Orchid and also for mafia named Red. By becoming a double agent, Adeon gets paid multiple times. Adeon felt that he was a very valuable informant for both parties. Because of his actions, Orchid was targeted by the police.


After school, Fena and Mosa went to Alex's company. Their arrival coincided with the arrival of Felix and Kim's gang and Kaori. They seem unfriendly to each other but they still maintain peace in this company.

Talisa, secretary Hyun came and asked for their arrival while sitting in the guest chair.

"Sorry before, may I know what your purpose is to come here? I hear you are looking for me? I'm Talisa, "a friendly smile.

"I am Fena, and this is my friend Mosa. We have come to register as Orchid bodyguards ", Talisa looked at them for a moment, then said "Orchid doesn't exist, we don't open vacancies here but you can leave your cellphone number here", while giving away a piece of paper.

"What about you?" Talisa asked again

"We are the same too, " replied Felix

"Yes, we too, " Kim continued

"We are the same" Kaori answered

"Well, the task of your cellphone number and later will be contacted, as you already know, " Talisa said while giving the code to keep the secret.

"We understand!" They answered in unison.

After writing a cellphone number, they again gave it to Talisa.

"Okay, I'll be contacted later by message. Thank you for coming", They all just smiled sweetly and left without suspicion. Yes when they came to Hyun, Yoong and Chan were not in this branch company.


An house, Put the motorbike in front of the house and wait for Al to come. Al came with two of his colleagues in a pike-up car.

"Afternoon, I took the mtor !, " Al's friendly smile

"Take it, here's the key. Please modify it for the better and you know what to do. I want you to ask Talisa to prepare our membership report and also I need a new handphone again, "

"Yes luckily I brought one white. "The new sophistication is adjusting things that are there, he's a copycat like a chameleon, " A

best friends.

"Hi, how are you?", "Fena, Mosa. Why do you get here? "

"Yes it's a secret, can we go in?"

"Of course please!", I invite them to sit on the couch and go for a while to get drinks then go back and sit with them.

"Who told you that I was here?"

"Yes it's a secret", "Hah, really?"

"Yes!", "I can guess it because only one or two people know and the answer is Felix. How?", "Well, you're right, why do you know?"

"Easy, I moved for a reason. How are you two schools? "

"Hah, that's it. You know that spoiled child is getting more and more everyday. Hah luckily we always try to avoid it ", "Eh, but where is someone who asks you where?" Mosa smiled

"Who?", "Do you want to know or not?"

"I want it but I don't know it's okay, either, "

"Well, not exciting!"

"So who?"

"Ka ...", "Oh, yeah, why ask me?"

"Do not know!", "Em, as soon as I ask myself, Dech", "Eh, why did you change schools?"

"Em, that's because you know the reason", "What?", "Security", "Hah, security? Are you in danger? "

"Who wants to hurt you?"

"Duh, it's just that I'm not safe. Do not worry!", "Huh, thank you dech", "Do you live alone?"

"Yes, this is my new home. It's really quite far from school but it's okay ", "Where's your motorbike? How come it doesn't look like it's being repaired? "

"Yes, Mos, it's being repaired!"

"What's broken again?"

"Repaired", This conversation ended at 9:00 a.m., my two best friends decided to go home. I just waved at the departure of my two best friends. After they were out of sight, I began a secret mission again.

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