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   Chapter 16 School and new friends again

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After the incident, Uncle Chan made the decision to move me. He thinks my school is currently not safe, and I made my own choice, HS 1.

Uncle Chan also decided to leave the city, while Hyun would also leave as well as Yoong. I don't know why Yoong went because of what, but I think he has his own interests.

All will return to their respective cities to lead Alex's company and many other matters. Now there is only myself in this city. I don't care because I know what they are doing is the only way.

Uncle Chan also believed that if he went away then his nephew would be fine. Uncle Chan must finish his past.


This morning I left for HS 1 on a motorbike. Walk to the school on a sunny morning. Become a new student in a formal school.

Arriving at HS 1, park the motorbike in the parking area and walk to the classroom. Yes, everything was planned that night. But I'm even confused where my classroom is. When searching I accidentally met Kim with his friends.

Kim approached and watched the girl in front of him. "Hay, your name is right?"

"Yes, what is up?", "You still remember me? Didn't you go to HS 5? "

"Yes, yesterday after that incident I had to change schools. Do you know where class 3 A is? "

"Yes, I know, come with me!"

I also followed his steps to class 3 A, while his friends did not follow in our footsteps.

"What did you come up here for?"

"Motorcycle, why? Want to be busy? "

I smiled sweetly, "No, I don't want to ", "Why?", "Because I also ride a motorcycle", "Hem ...", "Do you know where Felix's classrooms are?"

Kim tried to save his hatred for Felix, but he still smiled in front of An.

"He is one class with me and you too", "One class?", "Yes, class 3 A right?"

"Yes!", Then you enter the classroom, right what Kim said. We are one class. I sat in front of them both. They sat on my left and right.

Felix, who saw An's arrival approaching and saying "An, are you here? Change schools?", "Yes, why?", "Um, which Fena number?"

"Hah, Fena number?"

"Yesterday I asked for a Fena number, he said, but how come only your home address was sent?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot! And…"

Felix glared at me, "My cellphone is lost", "Lost?"

"Yes, it's gone!"

"Don't want to give this?"

"No, seriously! Entar, I'm asking for Fena and Mosa too. I

how come in 15 minutes it will disappear, " Sabastian said

"Yeah right, but I'm curious about what is right, while going home from school we go there?"

"Okay, Felix, "


Sitting alone does not mean I am daydreaming, but I am thinking about how to recruit new members while I am worried about betrayal in the organization.

I indeed will hold retirees for old members and sometimes they also stop because of their beloved family. Yes, all of that often happens, but this time what confused me was how to recruit them. I just want to succeed in recruiting members who are truly ready to carry out their duties.


The other side, Yoong met his best friend. Yoong's friend is a police officer who is investigating specifically related to the Orchid organization. Yoong was asked by his friend to provide information that Yoong knew only because it was suspected that the organization was hiding within Alex's company.

"So what information have you got in these days?"

"Sorry friend, I did not find out about the organization in Alex's company. I think everything is fine and there is nothing strange. Hyun and Chan aren't suspicious either, "

"Do you know Chan? He used to be a mafia, "

"Yes, I know, but it has changed. I heard An was kidnapped and he was saved by uncle Chan. It's all related to Uncle Chan's past affairs with Higen. Chan has managed to get everything done. You know that! "

"Okay, but I can't trust anyone. This investigation will continue until the person is finished ", "Yes, I understand!"

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