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   Chapter 15 Kidnapped the wrong girl

Bride Of CEO Mafia By Anita Characters: 7777

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At 8:00 a.m., it can't be denied or delayed. I was taken to a place and put in one of the trucks with bomb contents. There is a bomb not far from me, then the door is closed. I began to feel the truck was running, I began to try to free myself. Time is getting smaller for me in this truck, but I have to stay alive and not give up until here.

I saw the bomb, I'm sure the bomb didn't have a countdown time but it would be ready to explode with remote control. Yeah, just waiting for the master to press a button to explode.

Like a promise Chan will come alone, but that's not Chan's plan. He came and met directly with Higen without a hitch. Higen was having dinner, he invited Chan to eat together. Chan followed Higen's request.

While Yashi tries to sneak in this warehouse and immobilize the distant gunner secretly. Yashi knows the cunning Higen in this exchange.

Chan watched the man in front of him eat, he spent one serving of steak. Tidying himself up then saying "So are you carrying the data?"

"Yes of course, I carry the data in my pocket. Tell me where is An? "

"Okay, I'll tell you where your beautiful niece is. But I want you to submit the data first! "

Without further ado Chan handed the disk to Higen, Higen watched the disk for a moment. Examining the disk carefully, he read it with a magnifying glass after making sure the code on the correct disk Higen kept it in a coat pocket. Then watch Chan for a moment.

"Am I that stupid Chan? How can I make sure you don't lie to me about the authenticity of the disk? "

"It's easy, the original disk must hold the original code right?"

"Yes, you are right", "Where is An?"

"It's in a place that will be your last memory with him!"

Spontaneous Higen attacked Chan, Chan managed to dodge. Suddenly a bullet almost hit Chan. Chan and Higen immediately looked above, they saw Yashi attack Higen's men. Chan and Higen attack each other, while Yashi fights Higen's men. Chan was really upset but he had to remain calm and focus on his enemy to defeat Higen.

"Yashi, do you know where is An?"

"No Chan, I have traced all the rooms here and An is not there!"

"Higen, where is An?"

"I won't tell you where he is now!"

Chan was forced to finish off with this sadistic old friend by putting an apple in his mouth. Instantly, Hige

e ", Kim noticed An's uniform, then said "Do you go to HS 5?"

"Yes, I go to school there. Do you also go to school there? "

"No, I'm at HS 1", "HS 1?", "Yes, I have a friend there. Not a close friend, he is just an ordinary acquaintance and his name is Felix, "

"Felix, he is the head of the Felix gang right?"

"Yeah right, but I don't know about him or not the gang leader"

Not long after Uncle Chan came with Yashi. Uncle Chan immediately hugged me tightly, then let me go.

"Uncle, this is Kim who saved me", While reaching out to uncle's hand, "Thank you for saving my niece!"

Kim shook his uncle's hand, "You're welcome! This uncle is not the CEO of Alex Cp, huh? "

"Right!", "Wow, this is a big thing for me to meet uncle", "Once again thank you Kim for saving my niece!"

"Yes, you are welcome", "An, so how do you go home? Uncle doesn't bring a car for you? "

"I'll go home with Kim, uncle. Uncle, calm down he's a good person, "

"Yes, well then, uncle must return too!"

We left the place. On Chan's journey, he got a report that his members had succeeded in thwarting the shipment and destroying it. Chan also confirmed that An was found.

Chan asked Yashi to take him home. Chan began to relax when he saw his nephew was fine. Now he is confused how, back or not the world of darkness? If he decides not, he is afraid that his nephew will become an easy target for his old enemy. If he returns, he will deny his promises so far to Alex and Hyuna, those are two choices that are not easily decided by Chan.

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