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   Chapter 14 kidnapped

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I returned to the top by taking the same elevator. Closing the elevator door with a cellphone, immediately there was an elevator behind me the door was open and Yoong never entered. Luckily I quickly closed the door of this secret elevator.

Yoong smiled to himself, "You just arrived An?", "Yes, I want to see Mr. Hyun. So what?", "No, I don't think after that we won't meet again", "Hah…", We both met Hyun, along the elevator I was very nervous and hoped this man didn't see my behavior. As soon as the elevator opened it was strange that this guy was holding my hand instead, he pulled me into Hyun's room. Entering without knocking on the door, Hyun secretary only smiled sweetly at Yoong holding An hand.

Even though he was in front of Hyun, Yoong still didn't want to let go of my hand. "Mr. Hyun, do you think Uncle Chan would bless us if he married?"

Hearing that as soon as possible I pulled my hand from Yoong hand grip. Once released I said "Hah, what the hell!", "Angry?"

"No!", Hyun turned on the television and watched the news.

"Mr., this is a file from someone who wants to work with us", Yoong put the file he brought to the table.

"Em, how do you think?"

"Brother who makes a decision", "Are you also making decisions at your marriage later?"

"Hah, I went out first huh! Where's Uncle Chan? "

"He's leaving, but don't worry about him huh?"

"Yes!", "Are you not worried about me?"

"Hah, actually I'm worried but I'm worried about Mr. Hyun again. When do you have a partner? "I immediately left. Yoong smiled sweetly and Hyun stroked his own head because he knew it was a mockery and reply.


Meet Hyun secretary, Talisa. She had been here since the beginning, if he didn't come quickly Hyun would know the truth.

"Talisa, please watch Hyun huh! And tell me if he has a lover. I wonder when my brother will get married! "

"Good An!", I left, walking while sending a message to Felix. Send her my new home address.

"Hay Felix, it's me An. Yes, I promise to send you my new home addre

othing?", "Do you want to help your boss release An?"

"An Chan's nephew?"


"What's the problem?"

"Higen kidnapped him, as I know An taught Chan in weapons. Can you free yourself without Chan? "

"Hah, he's just a girl. Okay, where is it? "

"Chan said in a normal place", "The warehouse again? Oh my, Higen is truly without mercy, "

"Yes, Yashi arrived early at 8:00 a.m."

"Where are you going at the clock?"

"Higen sent illegitimate items and just as much, I don't want too many problems. Take care of it! ", The telephone was immediately cut off. Yes the attitude of the Eye Shadow is like that. He prefers to take care of his problem alone.


My cellphone was taken by the bad guy. I was really trapped, it was terrible enough for me to see a long barrel with a big bullet. I think they will send the illegitimate goods and the data in a minute. I also guessed that if it came out of this city and reached the hands of the evil people of this world, what would it be like?

At 8:00 a.m., it can't be denied or delayed. I was taken to a place and put in one of the trucks with bomb contents. There is a bomb not far from me, then the door is closed. I began to feel the truck was running, I began to try to free myself. Time is getting smaller for me in this truck, but I have to stay alive and not give up until here.

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