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   Chapter 13 Hiring Orchid

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Chapter 13

"Welcom to Orchid

Orchid is a simple organization. An organization that has a secret mission and is supervised by Alex's company which is engaged in public services, broadcasting, technology, preparation of workforce and the establishment of high-tech universities. Every year we hold new recruits for secret missions led by Orchid.

At this time we open the opportunity for Mr. and Mrs. to become new members with high expertise. As before, what you heard on the company, Alex is a secret.

We open with the following qualifications:

Have the ability and knowledge, Can keep secrets

Not from any organization

19 - 25 years old for bodyguard Orchid, private

25-30 years old to shoot long distances, spy and gather information immediately for Orchid

Has a minimum height of 150 cm

Not physically disabled, both spiritual and physical

Likes a challenge

There is also what we offer for you:

Bodyguard Orchid, The Orchid 1 team consists of:

Information staff immediately

Latest technology staff

Financial staff

Security staff

Sniper staff

Orchid assistant staff

The orchid 2 team consists of:

Staff information provider company Alex

Team 2 technology staff

Security staff

Testing staff

If you belong to the criteria we are looking for, please come to the Alex Company directly and meet Talisa, Hyun's secretary. This website will disappear after 15 minutes.


Fena began taking important pictures of the job. True in 15 minutes Fena and Mosa no longer found the website even though they had searched for it repeatedly on the internet. Fena and Mosa also sent short messages to each other.

"Mosa, I found a website from Alex's company that opened several vacancies. Do you think the website is true? "

"Alex's company? Hiring! What vacancies? "

Fena sent a picture and Mosa accepted it.

"Oh, this. Yes, I also opened it and disappeared. I've searched the internet about the truth but I didn't find it. What do you think?", "I think it's better if we ask the company Alex to meet Talisa!", "Okay, do I agree tomorrow after school how?"



On the way home I met Felix and his friends. Felix approached me on foot.

"An! Where do you come from?", "Eh Felix, I'm going out for a walk, what's wrong?"

"Em, do you think it's reasonable if there is a request for help with Cwek?"

"Yes, I th

Arriving in the study, I began to open a number of reports that were waiting. Financial reports, spy membership reports, remote and near shooter activities, and many more. Yes, I deliberately also wrote this story in a language that you easily understand so that you understand what I wrote for you. While Talisa returned to work in her office.

Read some technological developments, spy shipments, even planning the new Orchid system. Yes, now I'm running the system. Everyone can underestimate this 19-year-old child but not those who know me.

I contacted Al by telephone and asked him to enter my office. Not long after he came and sat in front of me.

"Al, I want you to watch over people when I leave. You're the head of technology discovery right? "

"Yes Orhid!"

"Watch new members who will enter your area. Tomorrow, ask your people to take the motorbike at my house. I have sent a new address to Talisa with the code. I want you to fix my bike ", "Good Orchid", "That's all I want to say, please come out!"

Al left the room happily because he got the assignment from Orchid. Usually tasks are deployed to those who are more professional and the head of the field of technology discovery often does not assign a task to this. He and his team worked diligently to find new members to recruit after the old members would retire.


Yes, as you know that I was indeed born for this, all this is my mother's inheritance, not from anyone. Orchid is indeed led by an ordinary woman who has sent its members to fight crime. We are often in the dark just like the mafia, uncle Chan.

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