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   Chapter 12 New members Orchid

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Chapter 12

Fena and Mosa returned to school with a liter of gasoline. Fena and Mosa saw Richard waiting for someone to park near the Fena motorbike. Fena smiled sweetly, then filled the gas in the motorbike tank.

"Fen, have you been looking for gasoline?" Asked Richard

"Yeah, because I forgot the contents of the gas this morning, luckily, Mosa hasn't come home yet, so I ask Mosa to take me to the petrol seller on the road", "Em, why not ask for help with me?"

"Yes, I didn't think about it before, and I was afraid to bother you", "It's hard, it's not troublesome, "

Suddenly Samuel came riding a motorcycle.

"Ric, you are here! Let's go home? Later in the afternoon to camp, "

"Oh yeah, okay!", "Fena, Mosa. I go home first, "

"Okay!" Replied simultaneously

Then Richard left with Samuel, soon after Fena and Mosa left school.


Yes, we stopped at an ordinary restaurant restorant. We chose a relaxed place and there were only two of us. Sit face to face with Yoong.

"I heard from the conversation of your friends close to Yora huh?"

"Why do you ask that? You are jealous?", "Whatever!", "Yes, near that time, his father invited me to dinner, so I came. I know Yora. Yes, me and him have nothing to do with it! "

Suddenly a manager came, "Sorry, Mr. Yoong and Madam?"

I began to frown, "Just call with Yoong and Anita!", "Sorry, Yoong and Anita. Forgive me! What do you want to order?", "Are you a new manager here?"

"Yes Anita", "Where are you going, old manager?"

"He was moved to work!"

"You want to cook by yourself, so please ask one chef to accompany him. Can?", "Of course you can, Anita, "

Yoong left with the new manager to go to the kitchen room. Yoong was introduced to the best chef. Yoong started cooking with the help of the chef. Yoong hopes that in this way he can take An's attention and love. Yoong is sure that if An wears the ring, then An has accepted him.


Fena invited me in a group, when I accepted it turned out there was only me, Fena and Mosa.

Mosa sent a smiley sticker, Fena sent pictures of food, "Are you eating? Just continue without chat! ", Fena "Huh, it's not sensitive! You who eat with Yoong ", "Then?", Mosa "Why don't you tell if you are close to Yoong?"

"What should I do?"

Fena "Sob, like beans! I am really happy with him, "

"Come on! Don't dech. What do you want to tell you? "

Mosa "What are you doing there with Yoong?"

"Eat!", Mosa "Huh,

nd the world is like a spy. They have had this hobby for a long time until they learned to stretch out their own friend's blog just to delete the strange gossip that was spread by friends who bullied them.

"Welcom to Orchid

Orchid is a simple organization. An organization that has a secret mission and is supervised by Alex's company which is engaged in public services, broadcasting, technology, preparation of workforce and the establishment of high-tech universities. Every year we hold new recruits for secret missions led by Orchid.

At this time we open the opportunity for Mr. and Mrs. to become new members with high expertise. As before, what you heard on the company, Alex is a secret.

We open with the following qualifications:

Have the ability and knowledge, Can keep secrets

Not from any organization

19 - 25 years old for bodyguard Orchid, private

25-30 years old to shoot long distances, spy and gather information immediately for Orchid

Has a minimum height of 150 cm

Not physically disabled, both spiritual and physical

Likes a challenge

There is also what we offer for you:

Bodyguard Orchid, The Orchid 1 team consists of:

Information staff immediately

Latest technology staff

Financial staff

Security staff

Sniper staff

Orchid assistant staff

The orchid 2 team consists of:

Staff information provider company Alex

Team 2 technology staff

Security staff

Testing staff

If you belong to the criteria we are looking for, please come to the Alex Company directly and meet Talisa, Hyun's secretary. This website will disappear after 15 minutes.


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