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   Chapter 11 Boyfriend

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Chapter 11

Morning, at school. Fena and Mosa approached me.

"I heard last night when interviewed Hyun and Chan said that everything was fine. Is that true?", "Yes, right", "Does that mean you will leave?"

"Yes and I don't know", "Serious?", "Hah, yes while it's still safe. I will stay ", Somehow the two of them immediately hugged me tightly and we together headed for the classroom.

Yes, as usual, the director made a scene by gossiping about his closeness with Yoong. Me and my friends who had heard the gossip were just silent. Then we proceeded towards the classroom.

"An, do you think what Yora said was true?"

"Haha, don't be confused. I'm just not proud if it's near that man. It sucks! "

"Hah, why is that?"

"Huh, Yoong is really handsome, rich, smart and as you think. But I hate it, "

"You don't like men, huh?"

"Hah, it's not like Mosa! Yoong, ah never mind ... don't discuss it again ", "Yes, well, it seems you really aren't interested in him. How do you think Fen? "

"It's natural ...", ***

Not long after the bell rang and the first hour lesson began. Strangely today the teacher chose to discuss the company's problems with Alex. Yes, because this is an Indonesian language subject for pro and contract debate. I just listened to the news read by the teacher.

Then the teacher chooses several people to express their agreement and not be accompanied by reasons.

Fena and Hani, they were chosen by the teacher to express the first debate. Hani to agree and Fena to disagree.

"I agree, because Hyun is indeed innocent. Hyun is only a victim trapped by someone. The police should be more careful in stating suspects, this could be a defamation, "said Hani.

"I don't agree, if indeed Hyun is innocent why is he hiding from the police?"

Then this debate was joined by other friends, "Right what Fena said, why should you run if you are innocent? Is he the type of myriad person? "

"I don't agree with what you say, why do you think he's a loser? How he is no longer, if he does not hide he will be arrested and then punished. Now if he is imprisoned who is looking for the real culprit? Isn't it with him being punished, usually finished? "

The debate conflict continues to be e

my hand towards his car. He opened the door for me and I went inside. Yoong close the door again. Yoong walked around and entered the car. I opened the windshield and waved to my two best friends. Yoong starts running the car.

On the way to the restaurant, "Eh, I met Yora just now. I didn't expect you to go to school with him ?, "Yoong smiled

"Then you like me one school with that girl huh?"

"Yes, I like it. But I like you more, "

"Heh ..." turned away looking at the view from the car window. While Yoong just smiled sweetly, he noticed the ring worn by An. He smiled sweetly.

Meanwhile, Fena and Mosa kept their laughter. While walking towards the school parking lot.

"Wow, he said it was close to the young CEO, apparently in PHP-in", "Hahaha, I'm sad!"

"Where is my pride, if I'm so she's going to be really embarrassed, "

"Yes, yes, in fact I'm not the one being sought", "Wkk ... how come but why don't you say yes if he is close to Yoong?"

"Yes, this is what we have to find out. Or perhaps ... ", "What could it be?"

"Gasoline I lost, I forgot the contents this morning!"

"It's easy, just laugh at someone else. Gasoline motorcycles have been forgotten, "

"Aaaa ... make it good for me to get gasoline on the road?" Fena snapped, "OK! You are my friend, so I love you, "

Fena and Mosa went looking for gasoline. Fena died at the school. That's when Richard, who saw Fena's motorbike, thought Fena had not returned home until he waited for him.

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