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   Chapter 10 Uncle

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Chapter 10

After school, Felix is ??waiting for me at the gate. At that time Kim and his friends watched Felix from afar. I went hand in hand with Mosa and Fena, then separated in the parking area.

"So your motorcycle goes into the garage?"

"Yes, I have to do it again. What can we do about it", "I was surprised that there was no such thing as someone who ruined someone else's motorbike in that place", "Maybe someone else is not intentional because of emotions", "I, Fena and I went to the parking lot first. Do you go home to come with me or Fena? "

"I'm picking it up, at the gate!"

"Eh, isn't it wrong that the person picked you up?"

"Yeah, it's not wrong, why?"

"That is the tagline of HS1 right? If it's not wrong, Felix ", "That's right, you know, "

"Lisa's sister!", "Yes, that's right ..."

Approaching Felix, "It's been a long time, Fel?"

"It's not new, it looks like your camera has been cleared. Let's just go there! "

"Okay", Go up to Felix's motorbike and go to Sabastian's workshop. Arriving at the workshop, our arrival was waiting for Felix's friends.

"Long time! Just reach you on the road? "

"Bawel, Won. Why don't you just pick An? "

"Heheh, kidding me!"

"Your motives have been sorted out, An, this is the key", "Thank you Sabastian", "You're welcome but our camera can't change with a new one. So it costs you to meet my father there, "

I took the key and met Sabastian's father.

"Uncle, how much does my motorcycle cost?"

"500 thousand, these are the details ..."

Look at the details and pay.

"Thank you Uncle", Come back to meet the others.

"Fel, I go home first! Are you home? "

"Yes, I go home, then just walk again. All of you go home first, then we will find the findings in a normal place! "

"Okay!", Before riding the motorcycle, I put on the coat that I kept in my bag. Then leave.

Arriving at the house we were shocked to see a messy house and Lisa was not home. Soon Felix contacted Lisa.

"Lis, where are you Sis?"

The one who picked up the phone was not Lisa but a man, "Lisa is at my house, she's fine", "Who is this? Where is Lisa now! "

I heard Felix talking high, he was worried about Lisa. I assumed something had happened to him.

"Come to this address ...", Felix immediately hung up and left, I followed him from behind. We stopped at a large house with escort, a man in a

I have found my new home and lived there. The transfer of goods is very fast and the house is ready for me with the help of goods transfer workers.

I am happy if this problem is over, and now I am heading for the funeral place of my father and mother. Walk to find their tomb. As soon as I found it, I knelt down and put flowers on their graves.

"Mother father. Now that everything is over, everything is fine. Uncle Chan has taken care of the matter. I'll be fine here, and I hope you guys are well there too. I will always pray for you and try to be the best in this world for you. Mother father. Actually I want to apologize if I've been hiding myself. I am indeed your daughter but when you leave I almost become like Uncle Chan. But you don't need to worry, Orchid is just an ordinary group and helps me to solve our family problems. Yesterday, when I came home with Lisa and Felix.

I got a notification that the perpetrators were killed on the Rosewell Bus. I'm sure Chan is involved. Orchid reports the best, and we will continue to work to be the best in eradicating crime. Yes, at least in our family because I'm not sure Uncle Chan is a good person to lead our company. Hyun had regained his freedom thanks to Uncle Chan's help. That's all I want to talk to father and mother. Thank you and I will always pray for you. Calm down mom and dad there. "My smile then left the place.

There were three women watching the place from afar, they were dressed in ordinary women. They are on duty to watch a woman who comes to Alex and Hyuna's tomb, watching the Orchid leader woman.

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