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   Chapter 9 Kill the family Chan and Alex

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Chapter 9

Morning, Lisa was shocked to see my bike broken. Lisa talked about my bike at breakfast.

"An, did you get this motorbike damaged? This is your motorcycle right? "

"Yes, Lis. Sorry I'm not alert, someone came and damaged my bike. But don't worry Felix and I will fix it. So we will go to the workshop first, leave this motorbike and take it after school. Oya Lis, where are you going to lunch later? "

"I have a plan to buy food, I will also stop by the bookstore and the Local Techno Shop. Is there something you nitied with me? "

"Nothing, I think it's enough! I don't want to have too much stuff anymore, "

"We're leaving now, it's too late, " said Felix, "Okay!", Felix and I began leaving together with the motorbike to Sabastian's father's workshop. Our arrival there turned out to have been waiting by other Felix friends.

"It's cool, but unfortunately the motorbike is broken!" Said Kay, "Yes, fortunately, he wondered if Cwok might get worse, " Won continued.

"Right!", I put the motorbike into the workshop room and a middle-aged man came close while looking at my bike. I think that is Sabastian's father.

"Wow, your bike is cool too! Is this motorbike yours? "

"Yes, I have it one year ago. I was given by my uncle, he said use it during an emergency. I think it's an emergency, "

"Your uncle chose this motorbike? He must understand about motorbikes huh? Look, there are some extraordinary things here. This motorbike is like being re-assembled, "

"Yes, me and uncle, and helped by people", "Is there a front camera here too? Behind there is a small camera with DA that can change, good engine speed ", "Yes, unfortunately the camera has been damaged. Can you fix some broken ones? But do not change the system that is owned by this motorbike, yes I mean do not change anything except fix it, "

"Of course you can, "

"Thank you, uncle, about when to finish?"

"It can be this afternoon and it can be in the next few days if you want to put a small camera. Uncle doesn't have a supply for cameras, "

"No problem uncle, no need to do with a camera", "Alright, your bike is ready later in the afternoon", "Thank you uncle, I'll pay you right away. How much uncle? "

"Later, uncle doesn't know what needs to be replaced", "Alright", I went back to Felix who talked with his friends.

"Felix, can you take me to school right?"

"Hah, alright. Hurry

both of them. Lisa is looking for the right time to shoot Law. Yoong continued to beat Law, but Yoong fell and that's when Lisa shot Law right on his chest until Law fell and died. Yoong, who saw this, quickly calmed Lisa and took the gun in her hand.

Chan came with wounds on his body, Lisa ran over to Chan and carried Chan. They began to leave, and Chan's men came to clean up the place without a trace.

"Now I can calm down now, Yoong. Maybe, it's over, "Chan said, "Not yet, pulish, Hyun! That he is innocent, "

"No, I'm calm because he's over. There is one person who hasn't, his name might be chasing An ", "Do I need to protect it?"

"No, it's enough Lisa. We just make sure and lure the guy out by feeding Hyun! "

"Are you crazy?"

"No, that is the main lure or do you want to make your lover's bait?"

"No, yes, well, and the plan B is new."


* An

Paying attention to each lesson given by the teacher, sometimes we joke around in the classroom. All laughing into one, their warm smiles reminded me of family togetherness.

"Well, because it's going to take a break. I want you to do homework, group work, make a report, the group is up to you, the most important thing is to be at my desk next week. Pamam? "

"Understood!" We all shouted. Then the teacher came out of this room, and we started to rest.

"An, want kekantin?" Fena asked

"Yes, I'm sure there must be someone waiting for us there", "Who, huh?"

"Who else if not ...", "Your two girlfriends, " I said, and immediately left the two of them.

"How come he knows?"

"Yes, maybe he guessed it!"

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