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   Chapter 7 Maybe the handsome man doesn't want to be late!

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Chapter 7

* An

I just stared at my watch, the small monitor, and the darkness of the night in this room. I hope this problem will be resolved quickly without any more sacrifice. I can only surrender now and accept the fact that my position is now man. But what's the problem now? There must be something hidden from me.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door of my room, I immediately walked to the door of the room and opened it. I see my best friend is in front of me now, Fena.

"Good evening, An. How are you? I found something on your cellphone but I didn't find someone trying to grab your cellphone. Maybe ... "I have not finished speaking, I say" Enter! Just say it inside. "?Fena entered and closed the door. Fena sat on the bed and approached her.

"So what did you find?"

"I can't believe this, I got a video of Director Chan's conversation, with Yoong and Hyun. They are very handsome, "said Fena.

"Hah, it sucks if the kid is chatting too. What are they talking about?", "You have a problem with them huh? You know they say your life is in danger then you are entrusted ... ", "Yes, I was entrusted, but I didn't have a problem with Uncle Chan, and Sis Hyun but with Yoong. He is always late and breaks his promise with me, "

Fena was shocked by the expression of not believing in Yoong's late nature and the broken promise, "What? Maybe the handsome man doesn't want to be late and breaks his promises, "

"Heh, why are you defending him? Do you like him? "

"Yes, I'm one of the big fans, "

"Geez, then did you bring me the video?"

"Of course, this ... I show you", Fena began to show the video she had passed to her cellphone. Obviously in the video there were three of them. Fena began to touch her cellphone's voice, and there was a conversation.

"Uncle Chan, you will go to Baijing later. Then who will look after An? "

"I will look for people later, you help me!"

"Yes, of course, An must be sent to a safe place. I don't want to lose him. Anyway we have to solve this problem ', "It's easy, but we don't know who did it. Both of your parents can be in danger if we make a wrong move. You better now go home Hyun, take care of Alex, "

"Yes, of course", The conversation was over, and I began to think for a moment about what problems they faced.

"An, what do you think there is a problem i

"Hey, we meet again. How about your cellphone, it's better? "

"What's good? I destroyed the cellphone and couldn't survive ", "Yes, you're right, do you live with Fena huh? I saw that you came with him, "

"No, Fena went to my house so I came here for a walk with him", "Do you want to see the show?"

"What show?", "Motor show", "No, it's falling again from the motorbike", "You deterred from falling off the motorbike?"

"No, it's just you. Why are you not deterred too? "

Kaori smiled sweetly, then suddenly Kaori pulled my hand towards the motorcycle show. Some people have started doing their motorbike attractions. The audience applauded.

"Want to bet with me? If I lose the race I will treat you whatever you ask for but if I win you have to tell me where your home and school are. How?"

"Okay no problem, "

Kaori began to smile sweetly when An agreed to his village, Kaori knew that An did not really know who he was. A man said in front of all of us and Kaori began walking towards his group had already prepared the bike.

"Okay, as usual tonight we will hold a race show. First welcome Kaori, the man who won many times with his speed. And, we welcome his opponent tonight is Kazhel. Challenger Kaori! ", The audience immediately shouted and they began to prepare at the starting line.

I also began to realize who Kaori was here, and I had taken the wrong step in agreeing with the bet. I began to step behind the audience and look for an empty place to sit. "Hah, damn it. "He will win, I shouldn't agree with the bet, " I said.

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