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   Chapter 6 System Orchid

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Chapter 6

An explosion was enough to destroy the ground floor, everyone was shocked and immediately headed to the scene. Unfortunately the explosion did not destroy the building but only a few facilities inside. At least it's pretty cool for me. Felix followed me from behind and was followed by his friends. We returned home.

While removing the helmet then walked in. Felix said "What is your plan? It can kill people ", Enter the house then put the bag on the table, take out a sophisticated watch and then wear it, "Do you think it's dangerous? That's just a small part of Felix. There are no victims, if you don't believe, just look at it later. In a few minutes Lisa will also come. So shut up! "

Felix's friends sat on the couch, one of them said "Is your motorcycle yours, An?"

"Yes, of course mine, want to try it? I would suggest not pressing any buttons except as you know on your motorcycle, "I said while giving the motorbike key.

"Wow, you are good times. Don't you worry that your motorcycle is broken? Because he likes to damage anyone's motorbike? "

"No problem, what's the name?"

"Sabastian, and I am Kay", "Yes, I could have lent him longer Key but I was afraid he had an accident so I didn't want responsibility. I don't worry if my motorcycle is broken, "

Felix let go of the watch that I gave him then put it on top of them while saying "Thank you, I don't know what this tool is for", "You don't want to accept my gift? A sophisticated tool specifically made for me and several other people. It's the same as a cellphone ", "Are you serious about giving it to me? What is the reward? "

"Nothing, I'm serious. Besides, I still have one in my hand, "

A few moments later Lisa came with enough groceries, then she put it on the table. Come on, Lisa made me immediately hide what I was carrying and put it in my bag.

"I bought you some clothes, I asked Chan", "Is it true? I heard he was in Beijing, "

"What do you mean? He was just in the office, "

I just kept carrying my bag and then entered the room. I locked the door to the room and saw what I was carrying from the secret room of the Orchid system. I took out bags, small laptops, cellphones, handsheets, 10 toys that were called secret explosives and small boxes full of secrets. I use a handsheet and start communicating with Orchid.

"Orchid ..."

"Yes, An.

o the house and hang out. Those of me who see this are used to it too, so let's just say it's their favorite place. This time they sat neatly on the grassy yard. Some played guitar, joking and even playing with each other. The arrival of a cwek riding a motorcycle and stopping in front of them. All eyes began to look at him. Removing the helmet then put it in the rearview mirror. Then said "Felix, is there An at home?"

Felix's friends mocked Felix when a girl asked him.

"Wow, someone likes it!", "Don't waste Fel, brush!"

"Use a broom?"

"Yes, use love, "

"I'm so scared!"

"What do you say!", A small argument occurred while Felix cried with his usual, flat face.

"How come, just go to his room, "

"Thank you", Fena passed and entered the house. Felix, who got the mockery, began to show his feelings of disgust with friends and then beat him up as a joke to his friends.

While avoiding Felix's attack, Key said "Forgiveness! Forgive me, Fel? I don't mean to confuse you. But I have no problem being hit just to make fun of you with him, "Key ran from Felix and Felix after him. While his friends just chuckled. Not long after they got back together again like there were no problems. That was the friendship of Felix and his friends.

* An

I just stared at my watch, the small monitor, and the darkness of the night in this room. I hope this problem will be resolved quickly without any more sacrifice. I can only surrender now and accept the fact that my position is now man. But what's the problem now? There must be something hidden from me.

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