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   Chapter 5 Then do emergency activities

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Chapter 5

Fena and Mosa chat with Samuel and Richard, while I chat with Kaori.

"I think my life will end after that, " said Kaori

"Your life will not end if it doesn't continue quickly on the road", "Yeah, sorry about that. What school do you go to?", "Don't know where the school is, why do you ask that? What for?", A little laugh, "I want to know you, is that not okay?"

"You can, you know where. Where are you? "

"In HS ..." I haven't finished talking, I just stayed.

Walk then pick up the phone but again the same person. The person who tried to outgrow my communication, I immediately released the watch I was wearing and then destroyed it. Kaori who saw that was shocked and began to feel inferior. Kaori walked over to An.

" What is wrong?", "Someone has staged my communication, since yesterday he has been holding a cellphone and now this watch. I was surprised, what really happened. I can't contact anyone anymore unless I change the cellphone and the number, they stretch out from there, "

"You know too about that!"

Fena who heard and noticed both of us had come near and said "What's wrong? I heard your cellphone was broken, huh? Is there anything good, I can help you solve this problem, "

"Is it true?", "Yes", "It's in my handphone house, I'll bring it to school, right?"

"Okay, I'd better go home as a hit! Fena, Mosa. Are we going home now? "

The two of them face each other, then pack the items and put money on the table. Fena and Mosa drove me home. At that time at the house of friends Felix was hanging out at home.

"Already returned An!, " Said Felix

"Where is Lisa?"

"I don't know, he just went away", Walk to the room then take the cellphone and then meet Fena and Mosa.

"This is the cellphone, if you find something, meet me", "Okay, done it!"

"Don't call from anyone", "Okay!", "Don't tell anyone what you see later", "Okay! We go home first, "

"Yeah ...", "Dah ..."

As soon as the two of them go home, Felix approaches me and says "Is there a problem with your cellphone?"

"Yes, it's just a technical problem", "Oh, are they your friends?"

"Yes, a schoolmate. Felix, do you mind if I borrow your motorcycle? "

"No, but where do you want to go?"

"Meet someone and will go home before Lisa comes"

"I can't lend my bike to you, Lisa forbids me to let you go alone", "Okay, you may come but not to make mistakes and co

irector Fero communications and cameras ", "Then do emergency activities, call all Orchid groups. Ask them to stretch and find out who did it, "

"Good, the system will confirm all Orchid", "Erase all our activities here, and transmit everything to another Orcid. Spread! Comrades of suspicious people who come, delete all systems that know about me. Remove CCTV ", "Both systems will do it in 5 minutes."?As soon as possible I started packing, putting in some equipment such as communication, remote control, climbing the crushing toys and my favorite black coat. Then drive the motorbike.

"Felix, want to come with me or ride my own motorbike?"

"I will go back to the parking lot and take the motorbike myself, "

"Okay, after you get out of here, make sure no one is suspicious of you. I will come out, take our communication tool, "I said, throwing a watch at him.

"Fine, " Felix answered while wearing a watch and the system showed Felix's way out as well as me. Felix and I managed to get out without any suspicion by those in the company. In a countdown the system is ready to detonate itself. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one ...doorrr .... the ground floor of the company had an explosion to destroy the?parking?area?and building foundation. The secret space of the Orchid system was destroyed without remainder, and the removal of the system controller activity was deleted. All orders have been carried out. There is nothing left, and no one can take it off. All orchids have received their news and assignments. Welcome to the world of Orchid, friend!


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