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   Chapter 4 The gang secret

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Chapter 4

Morning, Lisa and I went to High School 5. Lisa drove me to the principal's office. Then a teacher came to pick me up. He taught me to the classroom where I will study. On the way, the bell entered the class rang.

The teacher's arrival was welcomed by all of his students, they said their greetings together and were answered by this teacher.

"Good morning, Mr. Mustache", "In the morning my beloved student, how are you? Have everyone done homework or not? "

"Already, Mr. Mustache!"

"Good, then introduce. You bring new students, beautiful, tall, and slim sexy. Introduce your name son? Do not be shy", Step forward while going forward and say "Introduce, my name is Anita. An nickname, age 19. It's my first time going to school like this, usually I'm at home. Hopefully my friends like to be friends with me. "

"Hay, An!" They answered in unison.

"An, sitting on that empty bench huh. We deliberately emptied it for you. "

"Good, Mr. Mustache", walked towards the empty bench in the middle. A female student sits beside me, she says "Recommend my name is Fena. I'm glad to have you as my friend".

"Yes, my name is An", Then beside Fena said "My name is Mosa, I'm a classmate of Fena", "Hay, Mosa!"

"Hem ... already, already. Let's learn, collect your assignments at my desk and we start the lesson, "said Mr. Mustache.


Break time arrives ...

Me and my two new friends were chatting while walking to the canteen.

"Eh, I heard you were the first time in school! You go to school at home, why? "Said Fena

"Yes, if I'm unwilling and don't want to, " Mosa continued

"Yes, what can I do again, but I'm happy because my feet are always there to accompany me", "Oh, I see. Isn't it boring at home all the time? "

"No, I have a lot of activities at home like in school too"

"Wow, it must be tiring", "Not really, by the way, how are you yourself?"

"What are you doing? We are normal, the days here with learning sometimes get bored too, "

Spinning once, at that moment a man noticed the girl who twisted herself as if she had seen her. The man walked with his friends to the canteen.

"Where's Fena and Mosa where?" I asked. But they did not answer immediately, instead I saw those who were dumbfounded. I patted their shoulders, they were not surprised instead to say strange.

"Prince is handsome passing!"

"Yes, my goodness!"

"Strange, who is passing?"

"Samuel", "Richard", "Don't know, let's get canteen!", Pulling their hands together. Not long after they realized too. Then the three of us ordered drinks and food, then headed for the empty table.

"Why are you guys? Who is Samuel and Richard? "

"He is an idol man in this school", "Yes right, handsome, good at fighting and smart", " Oh, I see", "Eh, you have a cellphone. I want your number, huh, "Fena said

"Don't have my cellphone!"

"Stir, where do you live so you don't have a cellphone", "Didn't your father ever buy a new cellphone?"

"Not", "Worth", "Why?", "You are schooled at home", I just smiled sweetly, Suddenly a group of cwek came in with a sexy appearance, and showed new things he had. Especially the long haired girl. Fena and Mosa who were originally stories became quiet. I noticed the changes in my two best friends slowly understanding that they both had enemies here. Especially the girl who likes to show off that wealth.

The girl whose name is Yora, she shows off new things she has. He seemed to have everything here. He walked toward a group of men.

"Are you two okay?"

"Yes, we are both good guys, "

"Who is Yora?"

"He's a famous person here, anyone who is looking for a problem with him will be fatal. He is also an idol. Maybe Richard likes him more than I do, "Fena said.

"Yes, Fena is right. He seemed to have everything here. He is proud. He is the son of the company director Alex Hyuna and a respectable person ", "His father works for someone right? Not a commissioner! "

"Yes, true", Unexpec

tedly, Yora came to us.

"Wow, there are new students. What is your name?", "My name is An", "Hah, it's very short. Not like my name, Yora Kafila Putri, "he said arrogantly

"Why are you friends with this shy child?"

"What's wrong with them?"

"There's nothing, just not leveling with them. Lowly child! "

"They are just like me!"

"Oh, that's right. You're both lowly people, "he teased

Yora left us, she returned to join her friends.

Fena who can't take it anymore with the rich word Yora says "Let's go let's go!"

"Yes right, I don't want to continue here!" Mosa asked

"Yes alright"

We left school later, while the child continued to exhibit wealth. Along the way two of my best friends always clamor about Yora. They really don't like Yora. We chose to sit in the park. Two of my best friends stopped clashing.

"Hah, annoying. I hate him!", , "Yes, what else is he like as the owner of this school. Is the father who founded this school? The fact is not! "

"Hah, never mind ...", "An, you don't get confused about Yora's words?"

"No, Fen, what are you doing anyway? He is just the director's son. What are you boasting about wealth anyway? "

"Don't know, bro!"

"Make it show off!"

We also chuckled together, Suddenly the cellphone on the watch I was wearing rang, showing there was a telephone from someone. Immediately I press the green phone image.

"Yes, what is up? Who am I talking to? '

"Where are you dear? Are you okay? Has Yoong come and been with you? "

"Sis Hyun, how are you? Yoong, he hasn't seen me yet. Will he come? "

"He will be with you every day, he will take care of you. Sis is fine ", "Sis, I called my brother last night and it looks like the phone has been broken by someone in the sister's office. Don't you know? "

"?Yes brother has fixed it, don't worry everything is fine", "Are father and mother healthy?"

"I'm sorry, my sister. Something has happened, but don't worry there's a sister here. You just stay there, brother sent Yoong to you. Don't trust anyone, stay there until you pick you up, "

"Well Sis, I will be waiting for your sister's arrival", Suddenly the communication was cut off and I just looked at my two best friends.

"Is he your brother?"

"Em ..."

"What happened?", "My mother is sick!"

"Hopefully your mother will get well soon."

"Yes thanks for the prayer. Amen, "

"Amen", "Later this afternoon, let's go! I'm waiting here ", "Yes, you may", "But I don't have a motorcycle", "I pick it up, where is your house, An?"

"On the road……", "Okay!", ***

In the afternoon, I'm getting ready, my friend will come to pick me up. Not long after Mosa arrived with his motorcycle. Then we left for the school to meet Fena. After meeting, we went for a walk. Mainly we go to the café first.

At the Café we meet new people. But I think now I know why my two best friends taught me here. That's because Richard and Samuel were there. They are with their friends. We ordered a few drinks and snacks. Fena and Mosa took out their laptops and pressed something. While I only watched my two best friends while waiting for the order to come.


Kaori saw a woman who was familiar to her, the woman who had saved her at that time. He then walked over and greeted him.

* An

Keep watching my two best friends, suddenly a man comes to greet me.

"Hay, do you still remember me?"

"Hah, what's wrong? Are you making trouble again on the streets? Is your condition now improving? "

"Don't worry about me, alright now. I do not fight ", "Hah, want to sit down and join?"

"Yes if allowed?"

Fena and Mosa just smiled sweetly, "You can!"

Kaori sat right in front of me, for some reason two more men came and joined.

"Who is your name?"

"An", " Nick name?", "Yes, of course, my real name is Anita. My mother doesn't like to add the word Hyuna after my name, "

" Family name?", " Yes, right", "Thank you for helping me at that time", " No problem"

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