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   Chapter 3 phone hacked

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Chapter 3

When I arrived home, I saw that there were some people I thought they were all friends of Felix. Enter the house and meet Felix.

While watching the friends Felix said "Where is Lisa?"

"Oh, he is. He's gone, I don't know where. Maybe he is gathering with his friends, "answered Felix.

"I see, I hope your sister prepares everything, " I said.

"Take it easy he will prepare your school tomorrow", "Huh, I hope so, " I said as I walked to the room.

"Felix, who is he?" Kay asked

"He's called Anita, call An. The person left on my feet, "Felix answered.

"Oh, I see!"

"We make the road?" Asked Sabastian.

"Yes, so, but waiting for Sis Lisa to come, "

"Where is he?"

"I want the child again, I've just answered, "

"Hehehe ... yeah sorry", "Where's he going to school? I've never seen him before! Where did it come from? "Asked Won.

"Bawel, he is a human, originally from earth. Where do you want to go from, "Kay continued.

"Yeh ... anyone who wants to ask with CWOK is like that. Bawel, "Won said.

"He is from the city, forgetting me the city which is important, he is the responsibility of Sis Lisa now, " Felix answered

"Long time no longer waiting, I'm thirsty, " cried Sabastian.

"Ah, yeah, I take a drink for you!" Felix said, walking to the kitchen room.

A few minutes later Felix arrived with drinks and snacks for his friends. Waiting by filling in the activity of reading a book, playing the game until you joke it doesn't feel it's been half an hour waiting. Eventually the person who was waiting for us arrived. Lisa came with quite a lot of groceries. Put it on the table and say "You want to walk right? Be careful on the road not speeding, "Lisa ordered them all.

"Okay, ready boss!" They answered in unison.

Felix and his best friend leave. Lisa sits on the couch while relaxing. Lisa shouted, "An, I bought you a school uniform. I already registered you, want to try not the uniforms? "

As soon as I heard that, I immediately left the room and saw Lisa sitting on the sofa. "Is this for me?"

"Yes, for you. I tried it first, I bought it and I was afraid of not loading, "

"Why not invite me?"

"I don't want you to be tired, I'm paid to look after and protect you", "But it's not like this, right? Yes, let me try it first, take the shopping bag and enter the room. Try the clothes Lisa bought in front of the mirror. The clothes Lisa bought fit on my body, I didn't expect she wouldn't be careless even though the first time I met her was being careless. Take off the clothes and then relax the clothes with what I was wearing before. Then tidy up the uniform and put it in the closet. Walk out of the room approaching Lisa.

"Lisa, the clothes are nice and fit on me. Thank you", "Yes no problem, tomorrow I will take you to school. You can go home alone, yeah I hope you don't get angry. Don't complain to your father! Don't fire me, "

Immediately I was surprised at his behavior like that, "Have you ever been fired before? Because of what?", "I was late, and often carelessly bad because I almost failed company cooperation", "With whom?', "Almost with the guests, " he replied sheepishly.

"Are Yoong and Alex Chan there too at that time?"

"Yes, you know the man?"

"Not just marked, " I said.

At 8:00 a night I had breakfast with Lisa, but Felix was not there. He hasn't come home yet.

"Lisa, is Felix acting like this every day?"

"Yes he is, but he's a good little brother. I used to work until night and at this hour I hadn't come home yet. Maybe now this house is not the person, until 10pm I just returned home. That's why I'm still retained in the company ", "Hah, what do you think my father is the leader?"

"He is a kind man who just wants to accept workers like this careless me who cares for you. He is a man who

keeps promises, "

"I see, I heard from some people too. But now I don't know why my father and mother asked me to live in this city. I really don't like it far from my feet, "

"If you miss your brother, why not just call him? He must be missing you too, "suggested Lisa.

"Yes, I will contact my brother, thank you Lisa, " I said as I walked to the room. Once in the room, close the door and then pick up the handphone on the study table. Contact Ms. Hyun. Waiting for a while, but there was no answer from him either. Until I decided to contact my sister's office. But strangely at that time the recipient was not the secretary of an older brother but an unknown person. Immediately I pulled out the cellphone battery until there was no communication. I'm sure someone has already done this communication tool even at the sister's office. This is strange and what happened there? I was afraid something had happened to Hyun Lee's brother.

At that time I also sought to find out who had the courage to make my phone call. As soon as I can find out with the help of the tools that I have. The main thing is I tried to back up who the culprit was quietly. It's difficult, but if Hyun Lee is in danger at least I know where he is right now. I was always connected?with him but this time for some reason someone was trying to combat this communication. Maybe they took it from my cellphone or belonged to Sis Hyun Lee.

Opened the computer, but just wanted to find out Lisa came and went straight into my room.

"An, I want to invite you out for a while? Take a walk. Incidentally there are people selling food outside. A lot, let's go! "He said while pulling my hand.

I just obeyed the words, that's right what Lisa said. There are some vendors selling around here. It's a crowded complex like a market at night. Noting Lisa who ordered some food, I thought of Sis Hyun. I'm afraid something has happened there.

Lisa came carrying two bowls of soup, she gave me a bowl. Then Lisa sits next to me and eats his food heartily. While I just looked at Lisa.

"What is wrong? Do you not like it ?, "asked Lisa.

"I'm full, may I come in!"

"No, I want me to stay here. E ... come on, accompany me here, "he pleaded.

Staring at the sky for a moment, "But I'm sleepy, I want to sleep!"

"Yes, okay, sleep well, " he smiled.

"Yes", Lisa was very concerned about An's departure from a distance, he was afraid An would know this. Lisa just got the information this afternoon about An's family. Lisa was not permitted to release An and go home. Lisa had to hold An for as long as she was able to carry out the duties from Hyun Lee.

Lisa had only been told by Hyun Lee about how she really was, it reminded Lisa not to underestimate An. Even though we can see An is just an ordinary girl who is 19 years old. But actually not, An has been prepared for his future.

Lisa stood up and paid for the food she ordered and went into the house. Lisa took a cellphone. Keep watching the cellphone, then turn on the screen.Lisa saw the news about Alex, the owner of the company as well as his big boss. Immediately he turned off the vision for fear An would hear it. Lisa wants to cover everything from An about her family now. Lisa hopes that An will be safe and fine in this city with her. Lisa really expected that as expected by Hyun Lee and her parents.

Previously, when An contacted Hyun, a Perentas was preparing to find his location. But once less than 20 minutes the communication was cut off and he did not find the location. The party contacted his supervisor to inform him that someone had contacted this number (Hyun's telephone number) with none other than the caller An, sister Hyun. His boss also asked him to keep tending and find out An's whereabouts. The statement must find it if not the life is at stake.

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